Why do we Wear Jewelry?

multiple jewelryYou might be thinking that what kind of question I asked to you right? But no, let me tell you there are many benefits of wearing jewelry as an accessory. Many of us wear jewelry without having a second thought in our mind that how wearing a jewelry began? Yea it is interesting to know right? Let me tell you some of the things which will make your interest enhance to know more about wearing the Jewelry. The history of it has been lasting since 75000 years ago which is a huge span of time which you can see.

In earlier time, jewelry means not only ornaments or any other ring, bracelets, necklace but many more things which have been changed as the generation and the time changed. People in o0l.d times use to consider the animal skin, elephant teeth, shells, pebbles, etc are to be jewelry and use to wear it and now you all know hat trend has been set for, there are innumerous things which are available in the field of jewelry like necklace, rings, toe rings, bangles, anklets, etc and you also know that the list is still growing. Many new patterns and designs are coming up for the people to wear it.

We all have the tendency of decorating more, if our basic needs are satisfied we always think that we must have different and unique things which will increase the glace of our apparel. So this concept of wearing jewelry prevailed. We all know the famous Maslow’s theory of hierarchy needs. So as we, we all have that needs in our life which never satisfies.

There are many different reason s of people that they like to wear jewelry like some of them wear it for fashion and style statement, some of them wear it to impress someone, some of them wear it for their social reasons, and whatever it is. There are many such reasons in accordance to the people which they can say as there reason of wearing jewelry. If we talk about the older century, they get fascinated by some of animal’s skin like let’s take the peacock, by only seeing it; we fall in for it and so in olden times, people use to use its feather for increasing their status and charm, in front of people. And there are many such things which I know you might not know before reading this article.

In ancient times, our ancestors made the jewelry as their symbol of self expression for themselves and so this procedure is still prevailing. You will definitely observe many of the people who are having rich status wearing big and costly jewelry which symbolize their status of having richness. This self expression is now like the status symbol for the people. Be expressive is the suitable words which is being used for such people who has the fantasy and think that jewelry will be co0nsidered as their status symbol. The design, the shape, the coast of jewelry, everything sums up with nothing else but the self expression of the person who wants that jewelry should speak their personality.                multiple jewelry

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