What to Know when Buying Yellow Sapphire

Sapphire is not only known to be a stunning gemstone, it’s also a durable gem. On Mohs scale it ranks 9 which are just after diamond which ranks 10. So, you should take a note of the following things before buying this precious gem:

a. Check the gemstone first: Though it needs some guidance to correctly identify a gemstone but you can observe the color of the gemstone, sapphire in this case( the more intense color it has, the more expensive it is), its clarity and cut.
b. Observe the metal closely: When we mention yellow sapphire, it means that the metal should be included in it and it’s a genuine one. Give it a close look and ensure that it has carats.
c. Analyze the setting: The settings of a gem hold it together and so you should make sure that it is as tight as possible. This is done to avoid any chances of loosening of the gemstone from the metals.

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