What is a Figaro Style Necklace?

Figaro Style NecklaceNowadays with the wide variety of jewellery in the market it is very difficult to determine what is good and what is not. People are wearing unusual and different stuff everyday which is very appealing to the eye. Amongst these new jewellery comes the trendy new Figaro necklaces.

These chains can be work by both men and women depending on its width. The thicker the width the more manly is the look of it. Thin chains in silver look more feminine and look very beautiful on women. However these Figaro chains have these characteristic of curb styled flattened links. The unusual thing about these chains is that it is designed in way which is two or three links of similar length (usually shorter) followed by a long link. It depends on the chain. There may be a gap of wither two or three links at a time. ‘Figaro chain’ is a term used for any chain that follows this principle of design where two short links are incorporated between the long ones.
These chains are a break to the usual design where links of similar length and size are used. The fact that these chains can come in varying widths is another factor adding upto to their rising popularity. The designs of these chains reflect elegance and class. More suited for a masculine these chains can be worn by both genders too.

These Figaro neck pieces are an exclusivity of the Italian people since it has originated from there. These are usually worn by men accompanied with crosses or other religious crafts. “The barber of Seville” and “The Marriage of Figaro” are the two operas with their lead characters as Figaro, these operas are how the Figaro chains were inspired. Traditionally made of gold these chains can be available at traditional jewellery places.

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