Unusual Ways To Wear Your Jewelry

The common ways of wearing your jewelry are the neck, ears, and arms. However there are other unusual ways of wearing your jewels that can either enhance your look or spoil it if it is not done right. Some of these are wearing necklace on the head especially the gemstone necklace such as the Indians do. Wearing a pearl necklace on the forehead is another type that is used to expose the hairdo.

This is eye catching and charming especially if the pearl matches your outfit. You can also wear necklace with a pendant on the forehead especially for a wedding dress. An eye catching pendant will bring out the elegant look. Wearing a necklace on other body parts such as the palms, arm or soles of your feet. Some people even wear the rings on the toe fingers or bracelets on the ankle of the legs. This gives an unusual look but when chosen well it looks elegant. You can play around with your jewel to see how it would look worn on unusual places.

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