Types Of Jewelry

JewelryJewelry is one of the most prized possessions of any woman. It’s like they feel incomplete without jewelry. The tradition of decorating self with jewelry and making you look adorable is very old. It is approximately 5000 years old. This tradition is still going on and in today’s time it has become more vigorous than before. The art of making delicate and gorgeous ornaments is prevalent since historic times. There is some or the other jewelry for each of the body part say neck, nose, ear, hands, legs, fingers, waist, hair etc.

There is a tradition of matching the jewelry with the attire. While considering any jewelry, theme, design and color are given much preference. To make jewelry more adoring, it is decorated with gems, stone and diamonds. In previous time, the heavy jewelry was in trend but now trend has changed. Jewelry made up of platinum and white old are much popular among people. Here are some of the types of jewelry which are among the top ones chose by people.

  • Antique Jewelry

The jewelry not existing in the mainstream production and also the mode of its production is also not in existence are considered to be antique jewelry. This antique jewelry is rough and dull in look but it has the old world time of charm and these acts as the major USP in selling that jewelry. Antiques are always rare and limited and thus they are in demand.

  • Bead jewelry

Bead jewelry is thousands and thousand years old. In fact it is prevalent since Indus valley civilization. People of that time used to make jewelry out of silver, copper, clay, gold, ivory and even wood. Since that only bead is very popular.

  • Bridal jewelry

You get only one chance to become bride and on that auspicious day you also want jewelry which suits and highlights this occasion. Jewelry made up of superior metal and super quality which multiples the beauty of bride is bridal jewelry. For a matter of fact these days silver and platinum jewelry are gaining more popularity but still gold holds it prime position for bridal jewelry.

  • Custom jewelry

Custom jewelry indicates jewelry of personal choice. Any customer when gets a jewelry prepared according to their own interest and fantasy then it is called custom jewelry. This generally is preferred when the taste of customer does not match up with the readymade jewelry. In case of custom jewelry customer has the total freedom to get the jewelry of their own choice and specifications.

  • Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry also refers to as costume jewelry; this is because fashion jewelry is not made up of heavy, expensive and precious stone and materials. Instead it is made up of cheap and light material. Fashion jewelry is never stagnant in fact it is trend based and it keeps on changing with the latest trends.

  • Gold jewelry

This is the most popular type of all jewelry. It has its own significance and status. Apart from beauty and looks perspective it is a safety in times of crisis because of easy liquidity.


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