Types And Styles Of Rings

RingsEvery single type of ring has special importance and significance. There has been varied range of styles of rings since ancient times to these modern days. You just need to explore the world of rings. Ring is such an accessory which is very fashionable and classic. It can be used by both men’s and women’s. Rings can be classified in two ways one is their symbolic meaning and other is the type of their styles. In general most of the people think of the engagement ring in first instance and the other beaded rings are classified later on. There also prevail other types of rings which come for special occasions and events since the history till today. Here are some of the types of rings.

  • Classic Rings

Classic rings are such which are worn by the students in general to signify or symbolize their achievement. It is also worn to depict their honors and also commutate their graduation generally in colleges, universities and high schools. The design of classic rings is like a metal band with such a pattern of your school mascot or having a centre stone which represents the color of your school. According to the tradition student should wear the classic ring in right hand on the third finger. But it’s not compulsion, you can wear you classic ring on any finger of any hand or you can also wear on a neck with a simple chain. If a boy friend gifts a classic ring to his girlfriend than it indicates that he wants to be with her exclusively.

  • Promise ring

Promise ring is also seen from the perspective of pre wedding ring in certain cases. In any relationship, a promise rings stands for commitment and vows. Men and women both can give a promise ring to each other. When you give a promise ring to your beloved make sure that he or she knows exactly what this ring is and what it signifies. The traditional gem stone used for promise ring is pearl. Apart from pearl, small and pretty diamonds has also become one of the popular choices. Diamond is becoming popular because it is the symbol of true and eternal love.

  • Engagement ring

Engagement ring is one of the most important and precious ring in any person’s life. It is the symbol of two person sharing bond of love for the rest of their life and engagement ring is the first step towards it. Engagement ring is traditionally given by a man who is intending to marry. Engagement ring can be of any gemstone, style or color. It totally depends upon your personal choice. But diamond rings are more prevalent for engagement rings.

  • Wedding ring

Wedding is a symbol that the person is married. It is usually worn on the left hand, third finger. It is wore by both men and women. This is specifically wear in left hand third finger because people believe that it is connected to the heart. These are usually made out of gold or platinum.

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