Tips to identify authentic Tibetan gold jewelry

If you are buying the Tibetan gold jewelry from a big jewelry shop, you must make sure to insist the salesperson to provide you proof of the jewelry’s authenticity. That person over the counter would run a gold test or X-ray tests on the gold jewelry. This is one good way to identify authentic Tibetan gold jewelry. There is a cloth known as jewelry cleaning cloth. You should rub your Tibetan gold jewelry three times with this cloth. If you see that the gold color is not removed then you can be sure that the gold jewelry is authentic.

If you own a strong magnet then put your Tibetan gold jewelry beside the magnet. If your jewelry does not get attracted by the magnet then you can be pretty sure that the jewelry is authentic. You can even use a black touchstone to see if the Tibetan gold jewelry is authentic or not. There are several websites that deal in authentic Tibetan gold jewelry featuring designs like Om pendants, the Tibetan knot or the Tibetan Hung jewelries.

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