Tips To Clean Fake Jewelry

tips of cleaning fake jewelry

ways of cleaning fake jewelry

Custom jewelry can really look beautiful even when they are not made up of precious and costly gems. Keeping its beauty stagnant can be quite a task. Fake jewelry can’t take the wear and tear as easily as real jewelry can take. It gets tarnished from water, creams, lotions and even air exposure. So you need to learn to care and clean fake jewelry to keep them look beautiful and wear them for the years and years to come. Here is an easy and simple stepwise method to clean fake jewelry.

  • Collect the jewelry which needs to be cleaned

There is no predefined time as to when to clean fake jewelry. The thumb rule is that, more you clean it more you have to clean fake jewelry. Try to clean fake jewelry once in every few months when it starts looking dull. Keep in mind that fake jewelry is not the gorgeous gold or sterling silver or do not have any precious gemstones. Hence you need to keep in mind that cleaning fake jewelry is not same as that of cleaning gold jewelry or cleaning silver jewelry. If you are or able to decide what is fake jewelry and what real jewelry is then keep in mind that plated jewelry is authentic. As the top layer of metal is gold or silver, it is counted in real jewelry even though when it is not the solid gold or silver all through the piece of jewelry. Hence you can make use of regular jewelry cleaner for cleaning up the silver and gold plated jewelry instead of any of this method provided.

  • Try lemon to clean fake jewelry

Lemon has been used since a long time to clean fake jewelry and getting rid of the oxide layer which is formed on the metal with time and usage. You can also add a little bit of soda to the lemon. Lemon is considered as a natural acid and rubbing a half cut lemon on the jewelry can help in the process of cleaning fake jewelry. You can put up the silver jewelry into a cup of lemonade with little bit of salt for the whole night and you will get your piece of jewelry clean and shining. It works really well on silver. You can take juice of lemon in a plate and then rub this juice on the piece of jewelry and then use a rough cloth and rub smoothly against the jewelry. This will really be helpful to c lean fake jewelry.

  • Use white vinegar and water to clean fake jewelry

Make such solution and then soak your jewelry in such solution then make sue of a soft brush for getting properly into the corners and holes. Cleaning fake jewelry with vinegar will make the chains very much shiny. You can use a soft bristled brush if the jewelry has gems to get in to the cracks and clean them. You can just apply the vinegar to the sponge and make use of it for cleaning fake jewelry. Another natural product which can be used for cleaning fake jewelry is olive oil. Olive oil will make your fake jewelry to shine but ensure that you wash it off properly. You can also make use of a dental tablet and also dissolve it in the water. After that let the jewelry soak in for a bit and then scrub it very gently by using a toothbrush.

  • Try to use hand soap and warm water

This will not only make your fake jewelry to look beautiful but will also make it smell very nice. Make sure you put as little amount of water as possible while cleaning fake jewelry. Water can result in tarnishing and rusting the costume jewelry if it is sitting for too long on it. Make use of a washed and clean cloth for gently cleaning fake jewelry. Generally it is not a nice idea to allow the fake jewelry to soak in water for a very long time as it can result in ruining the whole look or finish of your custom jewelry. This approach can work very well on the jewelry with gold and gem stones. Another method to clean fake jewelry is to pour hot water in a bowl and add up some salt, dishwashing liquid, and soda. Put the jewelry on top of a foil and then let it sit in this solution for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, rinse your fake jewelry into the cold water. Use a cloth and dry your jewelry totally with that cloth.

  • Make use of baby shampoo for cleaning fake jewelry

Baby shampoos are generally considered as the mild shampoo. Hence it can work as a good cleaning agent for your fake jewelry. Shampoo can be very good approach for cleaning fake jewelry with pearls. Mix one drop of baby shampoo with water.     Take a soft brush or a Q-tip for cleaning such spots which are hard to reach. Mix it up till it reaches the consistency like a thick soup. If the mixture gets too much thick then add up some drops of water to it. Rinse off the baby shampoo very much quickly in cold water and then dry it with a clean and soft towel or a microfiber cloth.

  • Use toothpaste or lens cleaner

There are various cleaning products in your house which you use for cleaning fake jewelry. Some similar products can be lens cleaner and toothpaste. They are many of the times very much effective for cleaning fake jewelry. But be extra careful while cleaning fake jewelry with these products and ensure to read the cautions and instructions very carefully. Don’t use lens cleaner for cleaning precious metals and also take care that paint or finish can also come off if you clean very much abruptly. Also make sure that you don’t use them on earrings and if you are having sensitive skin. Toothpaste is really less problematic when it comes to cleaning fake jewelry and hence you can use it freely.

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