Tips To Choose A Platinum Ring

Choosing platinum-ring

Selecting platinum-ring

Platinum is considered as the king of metals. This is because platinum has a special type of allure and also it is very rare, very pure and very much enduring. This fact is of course true but still all the platinum is not equal and also the craftsmanship of all the platinum is not the same. Thus you need to be careful while choosing a platinum ring. There are various types of platinum rings available in the market like platinum rings for men, platinum rings for women and platinum rings for couple. It depends upon the occasion as to which type of platinum ring to opt for. Platinum rings with diamond are very much in trend. You need to be very much careful while selecting platinum rings as platinum ring prices are very much high and you don’t want to regret after making wrong choice and paying higher price for the wrong choice. Here are some of the useful tips of choosing a platinum ring of higher quality.

  • Know the quality content of your ring

Just like the other metals, platinum should also be alloyed with other metal for getting the hardness needed for making any jewelry. A ring which is made of 80% of platinum and 20% of any other metal will worth a lot less as compared to that of a ring made of 95% of pure platinum and 5% of any other metal.

  • Check for the hallmark in the inside part of the ring

Federal regulations are very much strict and they need all platinum bands to have a hallmark or stamp on the inner side of the band. Thus before buying any platinum ring, you must see for this hallmark. If it says 90Plat/lr or IridPlat then the ring is only 90% of the pure platinum and rest 10% is of other metal and thus you should pay fewer prices as compared to that of 95 % of the platinum ring. If the hallmark says 95plat or Plat then the ring is said to be pure platinum and it will be having a premium price.

  • Ask the jeweler about the alloy being used in the platinum ring

If you are opting for a pure platinum ring then it must be alloyed with cobalt metal or ruthenium metal. These alloys will generate harder platinum which can hold a mirror bright polish and it can combat with years of daily wear or daily usage. Many of the 95 pure platinum rings are alloyed with less costly metal iridium but such types of rings are soft and these will become dull and scratched in a period of one year of daily use.

  • Find a master platinum smith

You must make proper research and find an ultra-specialist smith who is focused on handcrafting and designing jewelry in platinum. Working with platinum metal is extremely difficult. This metal will not melt till it reaches the temperature 3223 degree unlike gold which melts at a temperature of 1700 degree. The tools required to work with platinum are also totally different. Thus there are very few smiths who can work very beautifully with platinum along with all this challenges which this metal brings along with it.

  • Check for quality handcrafting in engraving, pave, filigree and other details

Platinum rings are available in plenty of designs with different details to fit in with personal tastes and choices. Such details might consists engraving, deep cuts in the platinum which forms a design. Certain jewelry manufacturers select to imitate hand engraving by embedding design into the casting of the ring. Such prefabricated engraving will eventually wear off with usage and will lose its luster beauty. Thus, before buying your platinum ring look for intricate and deep hand graving which can last for generations without losing its beauty and charm. If you want the best quality platinum ring then make sure that any filigree in the platinum ring is properly handcrafted. One of the other popular platinum ring options is bezel set with pave. This refers to the border of the metal usually set with small diamonds which accent the center stone and can make it look larger. Bezel setting with pave needs very much specific expertise and talent. Appropriate setting will make sure that the focus is on sparkle of diamonds and not on the platinum prone which holds the stone. Noticing these small things will make sure to get a right platinum ring to last for the long years to come.

  • Match your ring to your lifestyle

If glamour and high style statement are priorities in your life then you must opt for showstopper which is loaded with artistry and a large center stone. If mountain climbing is the thing you are into then don’t go for the delicate pave and opt for platinum design with low silhouette which is one which doesn’t elevate the middle stone so that it doesn’t get banged around on the rocks. You can also go for substantial platinum bands having unique engravings which look fashionable and still they are very much practical. The main is that your ring should fit into your lifestyle for your own comfort and style. Many of them are comfortable with beautiful platinum band with an intricate floral design while some of them will be diverted towards a classic piece with single center stone and filigree or even the famous three stone look with specific engraving in it. Anyways these rings will be wearied for many years to come. Avoid those rings which are having ultra-modern designs and which will look outdated in some years.

  • Choose style that looks best on your hand

When you are done with keeping some sorted things aside, it’s now the time to pick one among all. Based on your lifestyle and comfort, choose that one platinum rings which looks best on your hand. If you have small hand then go for something delicate as big patterns will not suit your hand and if you have a big hand then go for some bold patterns as it will be perfect for your hand.

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