Tibetan fashion jewellry

Tibetan jewellery, fashion jewelryTibetan jewellery represents the eight auspicious symbol of Buddhism very efficiently. The 8 best symbols of the Buddhism, fetched from Sanskrit ‘Ashtamangala’, are popular in the place of Tibet. Often used for crafting the Tibetan jewelry. Often professed, that the Buddha never like being worshiped as one human and for that he was seen to be reluctant enough to seek his images. For the same reason he was majorly represented with help of 8 Spoke-Wheel along with Bobhi Tree. Other signs that helped to represent him are:
1. Buddha’s Footprints,
2. an Empty Throne,
3. a Begging Bowl and a Lion.

Eight symbols howbeit are:
1. the parasol or the Umbrella
2. Golden Fish
3. Treasure Vase
4. Lotus
5. Conch
6. An Endless Knot
7. A Victory Banner
8. Dharma-Wheel.

The Tibetan jewellery that used a Golden Fish logo is generally put on to get a better fortune. In Buddhism two fishes who are placed upright and their heads are inwards, they symbolize happiness, fertility and abundance. They are thought to arrive first in the Indian culture to symbolize Ganga and Yamuna rivers.
Such is the theory of Tibetan jewellery, the study of which is never ending but interesting to know.

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