Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Gold Jewelry

GoldGold is such as precious metal and it is loved by almost all the people around the world. Gold ornaments are very classy to wear and apart from class, it’s a great hedge against when there is situation of inflation and falling market conditions. There is again a great benefit of having gold and it is that it has a great liquidity. Gold can be liquidated very easily all around the world. Gold depicts the prosperity, purity and opulence. But as gold is very precious thing and it’s a huge investment, we must be careful before buying gold. It’s essential to know well regarding the gold jewelry and there are certain specific things which you should know and you should be aware of before buying gold jewelry and ornaments. Gold has certain variations which affects its purity, price and quality. You should be aware about the design, gram weight and the purity of the gold jewelry you pick. Here are some of the important factors to be considered before buying gold jewelry.

  • Purity

When the question arises about purity, most of the gold things have a specific marking inside which indicates its cartage. If you think that you should purchase jewelry of pure gold then it is practically impossible as pure gold is extremely soft to use for jewelry. So it has to be mixed up with other metals like copper, silver, zinc and nickel. These metals give strength and durability to gold so that it can be given strength. The common carat options are 18k, 22k and 24k. Higher the number, higher will be purity of the gold you choose.

  • Price

The purity of the gold is the basic factor in determining the price of the gold. Along with the purity factors like the alloy it is mixed up with, and the skill and amount of labor needed into making that piece of ornament also matters a lot. If the extent of skill and labor will be high, then the price of making that ornament will also be accordingly.

  • Color

Gold has many variations in colors. Keeping aside the normal yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are also much popular. If your choice is little bit trendy, then you can have blend of two colors and two toned jewelry piece. Combining pure gold with different metals gives you a diverse and unique color palette. When gold is mixed up with metals like silver and palladium then white gold comes into experience. This white gold is very well prevalent for wedding bands in US. If it is mixed up with copper then it gives the soft pink complexion of rose gold.

  • Identification

In many of the countries, the law has a compulsion that every gold ornament should bear a clear stamp which indicates its carat. This identification is conducted through a hallmarking system. If you go to a branded jeweler then they stamp their jewelry themselves only and they display both their identification mark and carat and fineness of every single ornament.


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