Taking Jewelry Inventory

Taking jewelry inventory is an important step towards making sure all your valuables are kept well and you keep record of the new ones to avoid losing them. It is a good way of managing your jewels. You can do this by making a list of your jewels, their costs and current value that are worth a certain amount especially the most expensive ones. The current worth is determined by the how much it would cost to replace the jewel.

You can get this from the local merchandiser and catalog prices. You can them keep this list in a fire and theft proof place where no one can access. You can decide to choose to insure them with a homeowners insurance to make them safe fro fire, theft, or other disasters. You can also photograph you consignment or video record them. Make sure you monitor your jewels as you add more to make sure the record is updated. This will help you know the ones you have and their value.

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