Palladium Jewelry – Is it better than Gold or Platinum?

When buying jewelry, one of the things that you are likely to think about is the type of material used to make it. Gold, platinum and Palladium are some of the most popular materials for making jewelry. Gold has always been a favorite material for making jewelry; however, other materials such as palladium are quickly taking over as the preferred materials for making jewelry. It is hard to compare the two, but there are some characteristics of palladium that make it better than gold and vice versa.

Gold is a soft kind of metal which has to be mixed with other metallic elements so that it can make good jewelry. However, palladium is a hard metal which can be used to make jewelry without any additions to it. Palladium and gold are both very unique and very expensive jewelry. Whether one is better than the other will depend entirely on an individual’s personal tastes and preferences.

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