Old Jewelry Superstitions

Superstitions and magical thinking have still hold on humanity and many people still believe in them. This has continued to be so even after the advancement of science that has tried to explain the happenings of things. The other common superstition is the one about the old jewelry. One of the old jewelry superstitions is that if you hold the antique jewelry can tell you something about the former owner.

According to people who try to explain the old jewelry superstition spending some time with the jewelry before you buy can make you have either positive or negative feelings about it. They say a spirit might linger on the object and come visiting it. Some people detect tension and negativity in the air before they buy a jewel. There is an explanation that there are people who are able to read an object and discern some of the history by merely touching it. Many people use this when they are buying valuable jewels especially those from antique shops.

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