Modern Waistband Designs

waistbandWaistbands have evolved from utility belts in the ancient times. Later with the importance of the structure of the waist in women to signify greater feminist characteristics Victorian women started corseting from a young age to have really thin waists. Waistbands in the Middle East were mainly used by belly dancers and performers. In modern times the waistband has been exaggerated to be stylish low waist bands associated to short skirts and low waist trousers portrayed by celebrities worldwide.

Waistbands can basically be there to make the lower clothes of your body, many opt for regular waistbands and casing, in inner wear there are elastic waistbands and in women’s dresses there are the contoured waistbands too. Some modern techniques of using jewelry as waistbands have also come in were accessorizing the waistband with precious stones or just a thin film of precious metal is the trend.

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