Latest Engagement Ring Designs In 2014

Engagement Ring DesignsThere are certain factors that you have to keep in mind while deciding to buy an engagement ring. With time, the trend is selecting an engagement ring has changed as many design ideas have been evolved into the market. Undoubtedly, the engagement day is the day of a person’s life. So, all the loved ones have a wish to bejewel their finger with the most ravishing ring on that day. Most people are unaware that a good engagement ring is the one with exceptional cuts and has a superb designing. As a buyer you need to be aware of the metal that has been used to manufacture the ring. You should be careful to check about the setting of the stone within the engagement ring and also ring texture as well.

With time, diamond rings are becoming more and more popular for engagement rings. Their demand has increased substantially. The sophisticated design and beauty of a diamond ring are making diamond rings to be hugely preferred. These days the diamond rings are being innovated. Sapphires, Emerald and ruby are innovatively being used as the center stone. The trends and styles have very much changed since the past.

Big rings are much in fashion today. The best part about these over-sized yet well designed rings is that they can go well with almost all your outfits. Whether you are wearing a formal suit, or an elegant gown or you are going for a brunch, the ring shall suit all occasions. You can get them in a single stone or go for immensely studded option.

Stones are another big trend this year. All the jewelry designers have been adorning rings beautifully with the stones to follow the trend. They usually use a variety of stones in the colors that would go for your daily use. Radiant Orchid is seemingly the color of the year 2014. The shades that are trending are variations of purple, quartz’ smokiness and the blush happy colors of pink. You are sure to come across a lot of rings in these colors and designs.

However, very few men like to wear jewelry. They want to make a fashion statement without going overboard with jewelry. Men prefer wearing silver rings than gold ones. It is perhaps the best engagement ring kind to buy for your man as he could always wear it without feeling awkward. It suits men of all ages. The simplicity and affordable price range of silver rings also make it a total winner. Men are generally of a rough and sturdy temperament, and the silver ring is the ring that shall compliment their nature. These rings have enormous range of modern designs. They help you make a statement of class, authority and power. Silver rings are the most common today for occasions such as engagement.

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