Keeping silver ornaments from getting tarnished

Silver ornaments will get tarnished if it is not cared properly. You should use silver ornaments regularly, as it remains best in daily use. However, make sure to wash it with plain water to remove sweat and dry it with clean cloth.

Silver is a soft metal and keep silver ornaments in a separate box. Anti tarnishing materials are available in the market. Ensure keeping them away from the air as silver turns black when it is exposed to air.

Using a polishing cloth is an ideal way to bring back the polish of your silver item.

Silver ornaments should be kept away from chemicals and so remove silver jewelry from your body while bathing and wear it last after completing all types of make up. Likewise, do not wear silver ornaments in the time of swimming as chlorine in the swimming pool water makes your silver ornament get tarnished.

When coming to cleaning, silver jewelry cleaning solutions are available in the market. Toothpaste is also an excellent thing to remove tarnish.

Keeping a couple of chalks with silver items helps to keep silver ornaments from getting tarnished.

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