Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah’s theories regarding the mystical connection between the spirit and the physical being have provided some popular motifs that are used in Jewish jewelry to be worn as an amulet, charm or a talisman. Kabbalah jewelry uses a number of religious symbols pertaining to Judaism such as the two-thumbed Hamsa hand, also known as the “Hand of Miriam” that is believed to protect the wearer against evil spirits and the more popular Star of David that represents the absolute rule of God over the entire world.

A number of kabbalah jewelry pieces also come with the fish and the tree of life motifs that have a significant meaning in the Jewish culture. You can also find kabbalah pendants and bracelets and rings that have spiritual text engraved on them and are meant to serve as a protective amulet for the wearer and endow him or her with spiritual and mental power.

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