Jewelry for your eyebrow piercing

eyebrow piercing, fashion jewelryEye is one of the significant places in the human body. Utmost care should be taken towards the proper maintenance and healthy being of the eye. You give the eye an excellent appeal; eye brow piercing has become much famous these days. There are various types of eyebrow piercings and depending on the position of the piercing, you can use jewelry in your piercing to make it even more appealing.

A very popular variant of the eye brow piercing is the horizontal eye brow piercing in which the brow is pierced horizontally following the eyebrow line. This particular piercing enhances the shape of your eye. To make it look even more attractive you can use a variety of jewelries like curved barbells, bioplast barbells, banana bells, ring shaped bells, etc.

Spiral eyebrow piercing is also preferred by many people. In this particular style a series of piercings made in the eyebrow side by side and then spiral jewelry is passed through them to give them an even more appealing look.

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