How to Sell Gold Jewelry and Gain Benefits

At initial stage, it creates a lot of confusion to look out for the right tips related to selling gold jewelry. Your first job is to identify the type of gold jewelry you possess, like 10, 14, 18 or 24 karats as higher the karat, the higher the price offered. In addition to it, some of the following points listed here help you get most money for your gold jewelry:

a. Deal only with the established and reputable good buyer available in the market.
b. Ensure that you are being offered a satisfaction guarantee. If not satisfied fully, return your pieces immediately.
c. Read and go through the reviews related to selling gold and get information from others who have already done so.
d. Make sure that whichever shop you are approaching for selling the jewelry is accredited with a decent Business Bureau and minimal customer complaints are logged against it.
e. Make yourself aware of the current selling price of gold jewelry in market.

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