How to maintain the shine of your gold

shine of gold, gold maintenanceIf you are an ardent lover of gold, then you should maintain your gold jewelry and items properly. You must have heard many people complaining about the shine of their gold items going off. To maintain the shone of your gold, you need to follow certain basic things.

If there is any such gold items which you don’t use regularly and which remain behind the closed doors of your locker, make sure to bring out those gold items and clean them at least once in a month. Don’t use any harmful chemicals for cleaning the gold items. Rather try cleaning the jewelry or the items with a piece of soft dry cloth. You can at best use little solution of some mild soap and clean the jewelry gently to give it a shine.

If the gold is much old and the shine is completely gone, it is better you give the gold to some jewelry shop and get polished. But avoid polishing the gold regularly and at short interval of time since it may lead to the erosion of gold.

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