How to Keep Silver Jewelry from Tarnishing

To keep your silver jewelry from a yellowish look seems an impossible task. You polish your silver earrings in the night and when you look at them in the morning you get disappointed as they turned yellowish till morning.

The thing we need to realize is that the tarnish is mainly caused by the things we do or use. For e.g. the perfume, lotion and hair products, all of them cause jewelry to tarnish. Even our sweaty skin also causes tarnish of silver jewelry.

The tarnish mainly occurres on the silver jewelry we wear daily. Moisture also causes tarnish to the silver. The most effective way to keep away silver jewelry from tarnishing is to wipe them with dry cotton cloth every night and to keep them away from the chemicals like perfume, lotions and hair sprays.

It is difficult to do but try to keep your silver jewelry away from water. This formula is mainly applied with the jewelry that we wear regularly.

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