How To Clean Your Diamond Earrings

Clean diamond earringsDiamonds is such a thing which is very precious and expensive. When we buy diamond we all have such a tendency to maintain it as we are investing such a huge amount in it. Ladies love to have diamond jewelry and specifically they love to wear diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are such which usually get dull and look bit of old with regular and frequent use. Diamond earrings usually get dirty with frequent wear. Diamond earrings usually pick up oil from the skin and also from the hair and this can cause your earring to lose its look and lust. But it is not that you permanently lose your diamond earrings look. It is not that difficult to clean your diamond earrings. By cleaning your diamond earring you will be easily able to find the charm of your earrings back. By cleaning your diamond earrings, you will feel like they are new again. If your earrings are lightly dull then you can clean your diamond earrings yourself but if has collected too much of grime then it is advisable to leave this job of cleaning your diamond earrings in the hands of professional. Here are some of the tips which will help you to clean your diamond earrings.

  • Buy a jewelry cleaning kit

This type of kits has such solutions which are specifically designed for cleaning your diamond earrings. By purchasing such kit you will be assured that cleaning your diamond earrings will not harm your diamond earrings and you can clean it without any kind of fear. You can find such a jewelry store, departmental store, drug store, multipurpose store or state affair store. Before cleaning your diamond earrings make sure to read the instructions on the back of the bottle so that you can ensure that it is safe and you can clean your clean your diamond earring without any kind of fear in a proper and appropriate manner. Put the small amount of this solution in a bowl. Put your earrings in the bowl to soak for overnight. After that, rinse your diamond earrings with warm water. Dry it and polish it up with a lint free cloth and this will help you to clean your diamond earrings by yourself. If you find any difference in the instruction on their back and front of the cleaning solution than follow the back instructions as they are more reliable while cleaning your diamond earrings.

  • Use the right brush and cloth

While cleaning your diamond earrings make sure the brush you use has soft bristles. Don’t ignore this thing as it is really important. Try not to use a wired brush or brush with hard bristles as it can damage your jewelry and you will have to regret cleaning your diamond earrings by yourself. For safer side use a child’s toothbrush for cleaning your diamond earrings as they have really soft bristles. If you don’t even want to take that risk you can buy brushes which are specifically designed for cleaning jewelry from stores or online. Make sure to not to fall for the tip of cleaning your diamond earrings with brush in the absence of cleaning solution as it is not a helpful tip. After cleaning your diamond earrings make sure to let it dry properly. You can make use of microfiber hand towel for drying up your diamond earrings. If you have really fragile setting of diamond using any type of brush for cleaning your diamond earrings would be bad option.

  • Choose a flat surface

You might not want to take a risk of cleaning your diamond earrings near by the sink as there is a possibility of losing your earring in the drain and regret the decision at that spot. You might think that it will not at all happen but you can ask any of the Plummer in your contact it does happen often and thus don’t even think of taking the chance. You can choose a table for cleaning your diamond earrings which is not at all near by the sink. Make sure size of the table is such where you can get enough space for keeping a bowl and a towel.

  • Use dish soap

If you don’t want to make expenditure ion buying jewelry cleaning kit then you have many options for cleaning your diamond earrings which are available just in your home. You can use routine dish wash soap or liquid to clean your jewelry and this will take the oils and dirt off your earrings. Mix a one cup of water with one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. After that start stirring up the water with finger still you finds bubbles in the bowl. See that your dishwasher liquid do not contain any kind of dye or perfume in it or else it would result in damaging your diamond earrings. Let your earrings soak in the solution for five minutes so that if there is any stubborn dirt or grease on your earrings it will be gone. After that take a soft brush make it wet with the mixture and start cleaning your earrings with the brush. After that, clean the earrings with plain water. Make sure you don’t clean it in running water under the faucet to lose it in drain.

  • Use ammonia

You might feel like ammonia is such a harsh solution for cleaning any of the delicate jewelry product but it is one of the most used cleaning solutions for diamond earrings. This can prove to be harsh if proper mixture is not created. Mix one part of ammonia with six parts of water. This will lessen the effect of ammonia and also would be perfect mixture for cleaning jewelry. Don’t mix ammonia with warm water as it can harm to the other types of gems mixed up in your diamond earrings. You can put your earrings in this solution for approximately 20 minutes and then clean with clean water.

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