How To Clean White Gold

White goldWhite gold has become very prevalent for wedding bands and engagement rings. There are many people who will wear gold only if it is white. This is because of its shine and its finish. White gold does not come naturally; it is a man made thing. White gold was introduces as an option for platinum. But gradually it became very popular and people started opting for it even more than platinum. As discussed earlier, white gold is not natural and hence it becomes part and parcel of white gold things to be kept clean and maintained regularly. If you want to maintain the luster and shine of white gold, you must remove the lotion residue, dirt and soap on a regular basis so that the surface of white gold does not get dull.

It’s good that cleaning your white gold is not that difficult, it’s your choice if you want to take it to any professional jeweler for cleaning but if you can take out 15 minutes every month for your one of the prized possession then it’s really easy to clean with just with few of the materials which already exist in your home. Here are some of the tips to clean your white gold yourself only.

  • Collect all supplies of white gold cleaning

Collect warm water, bowl, baking soda, a soft brush, mild dish soap and a clean towel. Also keep a colander handy just in case you need it. If you find it necessary then purchase a cloth which is designed specifically to clean the jewelry instead of using towel. See the jewelry closely which you are intending to clean if there are any loose gems or damaged prongs. Do this for your own good so that you don’t have to regret at the end that you lost any stone or gem while cleaning.

  • Soak the white gold in mixture of soap and water

Take warm water in a bowl and add some of the drops of drops of mild dish soap and give it a stir. Insert your white gold into it and let it soak for 15 minutes to loosen up any built up of dirt or any other thing. Insert a timer for taking your jewelry out as forgetting to take it out and leaving it as it as for longer period of time can damage your jewelry to great extent.

  • Clean your white gold with soap and baking soda

Make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Take a soft brush and apply that onto it and gently rub the brush on your white gold. Don’t rub it too hard.

  • Rinse the cleanser off the white gold

After applying the paste and gently cleaning it, wash it off with little warm water to clear the residue and dirt. Make sure you clean it properly as any residue left can dull your white gold and also attract more dirt towards it. Clean with soft hands with towel and dry it properly. After this process you just have to sit back and admire the beauty of your white gold.


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