How To Choose Wedding Ring

Wedding RingYour wedding ring is certainly one of the most treasured ornaments you are going to have and hence you need to be really careful while shopping for it. It’s something that you would be donning lovingly throughout your life, across countless anniversaries – and might be would love to pass on as a precious legacy to the next genre. Thus, there are several considerations to mind while you proceed to shop for the wedding ring.

Define priorities

Every bride has her own particular specifications when it comes to the wedding ring- so be clear about the priorities first before you take to shopping. Decide about the metal color, the decorations and the budget. Do you want it in white or yellow? Would be prefer a simple one or a well-embellished gaudy piece? Then, ask yourself about the theme. Do you want something that will echo your family tradition or cultural heritage or some similar romantic link between you two? When you have your priorities straight beforehand, the shopping becomes a lot easier.

Diamond rings are most common

Diamond is the most common option when it comes to wedding rings as the stone symbolizes purity & strength. There are 3 popular types concerning diamond wedding rings. One is the solitaire option which daunts one big bright diamond and is best if you are looking for something simple & classy. The other one is Three-stone ring which comes with 3 round cut diamonds representing past-present-future trilogy. The 3rd option is side-stone rings where you have one big main stone and small precious stones on the sides.

Other metals

After diamond, platinum is the most common. If you have a fetish for a whitish theme, sterling silver would also go. Otherwise gold carries a timeless appeal.

Be careful about the size

You must know that your fingers are not in normal size every time and can contract or swell as per the weather, time of day & different weather conditions. Thus you have to buy the ring when your finger is in its actual size so that you can flaunt it all the time. For example, do not ever try the ring in morning or when you are extremely cold or hot or after you have just exercised. It’s advised to try the final fitting while you’re calm & the body temperature seems normal.

Shop around

Do not settle with the first jewelry shop you come across- you have to take a market study among at least 5-6 stores. Ask for references from your family, friends, colleagues or else browse online. Make sure to head for the reputed ones only. Don’t forget to check out the customer testimonials. A trusted jewelry store usually carries a long list of satisfied clientele. The one you take to should be able to greet you with a versatile collection so that you can have ample options to make the desired pick.

Quality check

The wedding ring you finalize should carry 2 marks inside. One is manufacturer’s trademark & the other is quality mark.

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