How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement ringUndoubtedly engagement ring is precious for every couple. It’s a ring which you admire for your whole life. Engagement ring is the symbol of love and commitment, and the beautiful life you are going to spend together. It is very enduring and it must be beautiful and valuable. If anything happens to your engagement ring then it will surely break your heart. Rather than economical value there is a sentimental value attached to engagement ring. Thus it is very essential to take proper care of your engagement ring and not let it fade with time. Along with keeping your love intact and bright also keep the symbol of your love, your engagement ring bright. Like your love don’t let your engagement ring fade with time. Here are some of the tips on how to take care of your engagement rings.

  • Handling

For maintain your engagement ring it’s very important that you handle your engagement ring properly. Make sure you always pick it up by its band and not by the stone or design of it. When you pick it from stone and design, the oils and dirt of your hand gets attached to it and fade in long run. Apart from dirt, this thing will also help to keep the setting of stone or gem or design intact in its place.

  • Metal

The engagement rings of platinum and gold will not tarnish but there are chances of them of getting scratched in the long run. Some people don’t pay heed on it. But it is simple thing can be fixed easily. If desired, just a simple polish can bring your engagement back to its original appearance. Usually gold is soft metal as compared to platinum and thus polishing and repairing gold engagement rings is inexpensive and can be done by any minor jewelry store. Scratches can also be removed by jewelry specialist if you intend to get it removed.

  • Storage

If your engagement rings are of diamond then it is generally hard metal and if kept with other rings it can damage other jewelry also. Thus each and every piece of jewelry should be stored separately. Especially when things come upon storing engagement ring then it should be given proper importance and kept it in a soft fabric pouch or a jewelry box and protect your engagement ring from other jewelry pieces.

  • Chemicals

It is obvious thing that every woman wears her engagement ring on a regular basis throughout her life. There are various common chemicals which are around your house and affect your engagement ring on daily basis. Chemicals such as hair spray, furniture polish and such other cause things have a capacity to cause long lasting damage to your extremely special engagement ring. Thus while going through any of these things make sure you remove your engagement for that point of time. Even while using chlorine or bleach or hair dye remove it and keep it aside for keeping the beauty of it for long time.

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