Healing qualities of gold jewelry

Healing qualities of gold jewelry, gold jewelryEver since the medieval times, people have believed that gold possesses amazing healing powers and hence the person who wears the maximum amount of gold on a body is the most immune to diseases and sickness. Astrologically speaking, every planet has a specific birthstone and these birthstones are always encased in either gold or silver.

The basic reason for doing so is the fact that these birthstones have some spiritual power and it is believed that both silver and gold have the power to tame them and ensure the exact amount of power is generated that needs to be focused on a particular individual.

Apart from serving the purpose of jewelry, the healing powers associated with gold have made sure that more and more people wear the stones encased in gold and it also helps in the spiritual and bodily purification apart from the fact that alchemists have used gold to produce the elixir which is said to restore complete health.

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