Gold Rings For Men

Gold Rings For MenIn olden days we have seen women wearing golden rings of various styles and fashions but in this modern era men are also showing their interest towards golden rings of different trends and in new chic. Men’s golden rings are not only accessible in heavy weights but also available in light weight from online or offline stores. Some men are attracted towards customs rings made of gemstones. Gold rings for men are accessible in diverse styles, sizes and settings. No other metal can replace gold because in every culture gold has been regarded as the sign of royalty, wealth and divine power. Gold suits to each and every person regardless of the skin color.

• Design- Gold rings for men are handy in any shape like rounded, ribbed or flat. Men who are interested in custom rings will get a hold of custom embellishments on the ring to give it a brandish and Celtic look. Men’s rings are usually heavier as they are constructed with concrete and manly design. Men’s rings are also prepared with one or two gems fixed on it. Most of the men’s fear to wear the custom rings as they damage the surface and design of the ring. But there is no need to worry as they are very strong and prepared especially for them.

• Purity- Though pure gold is a soft metal it is not used for making gold bands. Gold bands are generally available in purities like 14k, 18k or 10k. Men’s rings are presented in diverse purities. The clarity of the gold is measured by these numbers. If the number is high the metal is said to be purer and vice versa. Most of the jewelries are made of 14k or 10 k which are regarded as cheaper whereas wedding bands are made of 18k consisting of gemstones like emerald, ruby or diamonds.

• Variety- Dissimilar varieties of gold rings are available in the stores. Yellow gold is most admired one. Besides this, the other two alloys i.e. rose and white gold is also used for making rings. White gold bands look very exclusive and graceful. While rose gold bands have a pinkish shade and it comes out to be gorgeous when combined with different precious and semi precious stones.

• Care- Gold rings for men require special care and maintenance. If you are wearing the ring daily then it needs to be cleaned with soft brush. If the color of the rings becomes dull then it needs to be refined with special cleaning products available in the market.

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