Gold Karats FAQs

There are questions that one will always ask before engaging themselves in the actual process of buying gold jewelries. Among these questions includes:

Color of gold – Gold jewelries are available in a variety of colors ranging from yellow to white and the rose gold. All of them have different levels of karats in them. This way you will be able to get the gold jewelry of you choice.

Gold plating (GP) – This is the process by which a layer of gold is submitted on the bottom part of a metal. This plating is not permanent as it will diminish with time.

Gold filling – In this process, a coating of gold is placed at the bottom of metals like brass using high temperature and force. Gold filling jewelries lasts longer but the filling is bound to vanish after some time.

Hardness – Different gold jewelries have different hardness depending on the amount of gold that is put in each.

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