Gold Jewellery hallmarks: a sign of purity

Hallmark on Gold jewellery is a standard which proves that the gold is 100% pure. It offers reliability to the gold jewellery. You have the right to know whether the gold is pure or not and how much gold is preset in the actual gold jewellery. The amount of gold attached to gold jewellery is the element responsible for how much the gold jewellery will cost.

In jewellery made of gold there are other substances also present that is needed to mould the gold in a particular design and build the ornament. So the hallmark assures you that the gold present in jewellery is either 22 carat or 24 carat. A hallmark consist of four things, first, it states the carat, second it contains the stamp of BIS, third it comes with the year of mark and lastly, it provides the jeweler’s identification mark. These factors help you to select a 100% genuine gold ornament with a seal of purity and credentials of actual gold.

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