Glam up your evening wear with a choker

Fashion jewelry, jewelryA choker is actually a necklace that is close fitting. The popular jewelry can have single or multiple bands circling the neck. There are a lot of options when it comes to the materials that are used for the choker. They can be made of plastic, velvet, metal. Bead and also leather. They are designed in various ways. They can be made with a cameo, a pendant sequins or studs. Different fabrics are used for making the chokers.

The fabrics are made into rectangles and stitched together and then they are sewed on a piece of Velcro. The Chinese were the ones to invent this fashion accessory for the first time and it soon became popular all over the world. They are very elegant and they are perfect for evening parties. If you are looking for a heavy dress up, this accessory could be perfect with a gown or a sari.

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