Do And Don’ts Of Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelryIt is said that your dress makes your wedding. If you think this is right then hear this, if dresses the thing which makes your wedding right then jewelry is the thing which makes your dress right. Wedding is truly incomplete without jewelry. As we all know jewelry is inevitable part of wedding, many of the times we over do with our jewelry and it ruins the show. Wedding jewelry is such a thing which if done in right manner can make wedding wonders and if done in a wrong manner can make bridal blunders. Thus be choosy and careful while picking up your wedding jewelry. It is said that wedding jewelry is the, most auspicious jewelry in the life of a girl and thus make this auspicious wedding jewelry right and memorable for you. Its only one time a girl can be a bride and have such dreams about this day and having wrong wedding jewelry is totally like a scary dream to a girl. Thus don’t think way too much negative, you have all the information about the wedding jewelry and do and don’ts about it in this article which will make your wedding wonder and keep you away from bridal blunders.

  • Do mix borrowed wedding jewelry with the new one

In the past and before long time ago there was a time where the trend was everything matching matching. But in today’s time, matching is so more outdated and boring. To look really trendy and of today’s time, the trick is to express your style in a real cohesive manner. The time is of mix and matching instead of matching. Of course the finish should be similar but this does not restrict you from mixing up your wedding jewelry. Make sure that mixing up your wedding jewelry is of the general shape and era and echo of your wedding jewelry is of the same tone. You have the perfect chance of blending of your borrowed thing with the new one. You can have your grandma’s vintage brooch or you can have your mom’s old bracelet and mix those stuff with your style and your new collections and it will give a great impact on your wedding jewelry and attire.

  • Don’t put on necklace with this trend

Necklace is so old fashioned. If you are wearing a one shouldered beautiful long gown then it is a style statement in itself. Adding a glamorous necklace as your wedding jewelry to your perfectly perfect attire is an obvious no. This type of wedding jewelry on this type on attire will not suit with each other. This will ruin the entire look of the line of the gown and the flow of others eyes to your face and along with that it will also look imbalanced. Instead of opting for necklace, you should probably go for a pair of earrings as your wedding jewelry and a bold cuff.

  • Bring your head piece while trying on your earrings

If you are including a head piece as your wedding jewelry then try and keep it on while you are selecting your earrings as head piece affects a lot on the kind of earrings you put on as your wedding jewelry. You have to every add on very carefully as you have add to your beauty and not to create competition among your wedding jewelry. When you have one thing in bold try and keep other jewelry pieces light and pretty.

  • Don’t put on a watch

While wedding we all have a certain schedule to keep. But wedding is your big day so you better skip the watch and leave the issue and boredom of timing on others. Just think of all the pictures you are going to have and there a watch in the close up of those pictures. How uncool a watch will look in a wedding jewelry? A shining and shimmery bracelet would be a better option as a wedding jewelry rather than putting on a watch. Watch looks very elegant but wedding is not a day of being elegant it is the day of embracing the beauty to its optimum level.

  • Mix finishes: ring has its own separate entity

Don’t pay attention to your wedding ring. While selecting your wedding jewelry, all you need to pay focus on is your skin tone or your attire. While picking up your wedding jewelry pay focus on the trend and color of your gown or color of embellishments on it and not on the wedding ring. Don’t try to select such wedding jewelry which goes with your wedding band and not with your whole outlook.

  • Don’t over-accessorize

In order to have the best and perfect wedding jewelry, several times you have all the best things and put on all of them altogether which looks really bold and a bit too much. This will totally ruin your style statement. In today’s time less is more. You can have one of your jewelry to look bold and settle other parts of your wedding jewelry to be minute and balancing. If you want to be on the safer side while choosing your wedding jewelry, having earrings and bracelet combo is the best. It will go on any kind of attire without looking too much.

  • Give yourself enough time

Wedding jewelry is too much focused on the accessory and because of it some of the integral and important parts are compromised. Shoes, handbags and hairs are some of the things which are very much important for the wedding apart from the wedding jewelry. Try and fix up all the things like your hairs, your dress, and your wedding jewelry before three months of the wedding so that you can have enough time for trial and making any changes in it if something goes wrong. Make several trials before wedding and make sure everything blends in with each other in a proper and beautiful manner.


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