Different Types Of Diamond

Types of diamondAfter gold, if you are finding the second best metal on the earth then it is diamond. Diamonds are among the most precious stones of the world. Based on the type and quantity of impurities found on the diamond, these precious stones are classified. Basically there are two types of diamonds or let’s say there are two classifications of diamonds. The first types of diamond is one which contains nitrogen molecules. Among the two types of diamond second one has other impurities except nitrogen. You would be shock to know that out of all types of diamond only 20% of diamonds are such which can be used as gemstones. Other types of diamond are used for industries and industrial purposes. Here is a list of different types of diamond which are in existence.

  • White diamond

Undeniably white diamond is the best types of diamond among all the types of diamond. Every person is fantasizes to have such types of diamond.  These types of diamonds can be found in different parts of the world in different shapes and different sizes. The highly valuable from all is those types of diamond which are found from argyle mines. These are the diamond which you find in most of the wedding and engagement jewelry. White diamonds are very precious and auspicious. It is a type of diamond which is most used especially in the occasions of giving romantic gifts or any celebration or holidays.

  • Pink diamond

Pink diamond is such a type of diamond which is rarest among all types of diamonds and by far most expensive among all. The main mine of pink diamond is in argyle and almost 95% of this pink diamonds come from there. Among 100% of diamonds only 1% of them are pink which explains you why they are such expensive. Pink diamonds are the rarest of rare. Pink is such a color which defines fun, beauty, romance and love and thus pink diamonds are the perfect romantic choice for gift especially to your loved one.

  • Champagne diamond

These types of diamonds are naturally and beautifully colored. They are available in wide range of colors. You would be surprised to know that you can get them from rich cognac to straw colors. It signifies its name totally as champagne diamond comes in pale yellow color. Some of them even appear much darker shade also.

  • Pink champagne diamond

These types of diamonds are very attractive which tend to have secondary pink color. This type of diamond generally bear higher price per carat than that of champagne diamonds. The display of pink champagne is like slight to bold flashes of light. Champagne pink diamonds also come from argyle mine and it comes in three different shades. These shades range from light pink to medium pink to dark pink.

  • Yellow diamond

Yellow diamonds are also called as canary diamonds. These types of diamonds are available in variety of shades and very much wide range. They are available from rich canary colors to light yellow color. Yellow diamonds are not very scare and rare. But it is still expensive as diamonds are never cheap. More yellow the diamond is more costly the price will be. If you want real fancy yellow diamonds then it can be quite expensive and they are also available in limited quantity.

  • Blue diamond

Blue diamonds are from those types of diamond which are extremely rare and quite costly. These are so expensive and rare that most of the jewelers have not even seen them. In past few years there are several methods which have been developed for producing these fancy blue diamonds. This has given a hope to the people that they can also lay their hands on such diamonds. These types of diamonds are now also available in variety of shades starting from sky blue to sapphire.

  • Green diamond

This is also one of the diamonds which is not so common in the market and very much rare. This is such a color which is not easily visible in the market. Generally penetration of this color is not much deep and it is removed when the stone is being furnished. Usually green is such a color which signifies nature, growth and hope. Green colored diamond gets this unique color from the exposure to radioactive materials.

  • Orange diamond

Orange color relates to energy and being vibrant in nature. Look of orange diamond is also same vibrant and energetic. This type of diamond is a symbol of creativity and success. Variety of orange diamond is available in plenty ranging from fancy looks in diamond to vivid look in orange diamond.

  • Purple diamond

Purple is such a color which signifies royalty and so does the purple diamond. The nature of purple diamond is delicate and precious. Purple diamonds also have some touch and feel of mystery and that’s what gives it a romantic effect. Purple diamonds are also a symbol of warmth and along with warmth it also symbolizes coolness.

  • Brown diamond

Brown diamond has very rich color combination and that what make it beautiful. Brown diamonds are one which most sought in the whole world. Brown diamonds have become a great phenomenon that most of the people generally mistake them with the color of their own.

  • Grey diamond

Grey is such a color which is refined and neutral. Grey diamond offers you with very classic and dignified look. It is choice of those people who like elegant classy and simple look. It also gives decent look. As grey is a neutral color, it complements anything means you can wear it with any kind of attire or with any other color. Grey diamonds are available in different combinations also like yellow, green, grey and grey blue.

  • Simulated diamonds

These are such types of diamonds which do not lack diversity or hardness. The most well diamond of this type or the best diamond of this type is cubic zirconia.

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