Comparison between Gold and Silver jewelry

Gold and Silver jewelryIn the jewelry industry two of the most common elements that are used are gold and silver. And the best part is people have stuck to these as the most precious although platinum is the most expensive. Although these two are ruling the jewelry industry there are few differences between them. Following are some of the differences between gold and silver that would give you a good idea:

Whenever you talk about gold and silver the first thing that comes up is the price. Gold is much more expensive than silver. It is almost 10 times more than silver. But still people prefer gold because of its class.

Silver can be molded into any forms but it is always not possible to do the same thing with gold. You will often see people using silver plates and bowls for some occasions but you will never see such a thing with gold. Gold can only be converted to jewelry and other forms are really rare in this case. But with silver you can make jewelry and also other forms.

Color preservation is another thing that keeps gold ahead of silver. If you make a jewelry with gold and you make the same design with silver and keep it for 5 years without using them then you will see a change of color in the silver one. It will gradually darken but with gold nothing will happen. Although it is possible to get rid of that darkness but the fact that silver loses color over a period of time keeps it behind gold every time.

Gold is more malleable than silver. This means that the hardness of gold is less than that of silver. This gives a bit if an advantage to silver because if by any chance there is a calamity then your silver jewelry will be safe but the gold ones will be vulnerable.

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