Christian Wedding Ornaments

Christian Wedding OrnamentsWedding is a very solemn occasion in a person’s life. It is a very precious moment in the life of both the bride and the groom. Ornaments are very essential part of any wedding which adds glamour to the entire ritual. The cultures and rituals that people follow are completely different in various communities.

In Christian weddings, the wedding bands play a very important role. It is the sign of the eternal bond that both the partners will share for their entire life. The rings that are exchanged must be in accordance to the choices of the bride and the groom because they wear them for the rest of their lives. Christians mainly, do not prefer gold. Their ring has to be made up of either silver, diamond or platinum which is worn in the ring finger of the left hand. The bride can also wear a decorated tiara or a crown. These headpieces are gold, crystal, diamond or pearl studded. This gives a stunning look to the bride. Men can wear cross chokers made of diamonds.

Sober Earrings which are not quite long in length are appropriate in Christian Weddings. They are forbidden from wearing multiple layered earrings. A necklace which matches with the long flowing white gown is worn. The neck pieces can be of various kinds of pearls like vintage faux pearls, polished glass crystal beads with sterling silver etc. Cascading fringe neck pieces are also used. Rubies, emeralds, opals are other types of stones that are used in necklaces. They are designed in a way to signify the holy cross. Slight use of gold, just to give it as a base is used. Bracelets and brooches are also worn by the brides as well as the guests attending the wedding.

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