Choosing Navel Bars

Navel bars are popularly famous kind of belly navel rings. They are available in a wide range and in various materials such as titanium, surgical steel, yellow and white gold, and Bio Flex. The most preferred is Bioplast navel bars over other metals, as it’s very flexible. It adjusts easily to body movements making it the favorite choice of sport persons.

If you don’t want your belly bars to be visible to others, you can go for a colorless/transparent Bioplast navel bar. A disadvantage of these navel bars are that they can’t be used for fresh piercing. Another type available is pregnancy navel bars as before it, pregnant women were forced to lose navel bars. Dangle navel bars hang from the top but consists of a dangle which hangs from the bottom ball. They should be avoided during healing stage or your piercing may get torn up. The standard length of a belly bar is around 10mm and thickness of 1.6mm.

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