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Ways To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Band

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Perfect wedding bandWedding band is by far the most important band in your entire life. You have bought many different types of bands in your life but they don’t hold the importance as that of wedding band. It is the band you are going to wear for the rest of your life and it’s a symbol of your love. Thus you don’t want to make any mistake while picking your perfect wedding band. Picking your perfect wedding band is really very important for you as you don’t want to make the wrong choices and then regret it later. Wedding band is gesture of love and you want it to be the best piece of jewelry in your entire life. That’s the reason why it is very important to pick the perfect wedding band. Here are some of the ways to pick your perfect wedding band.


  • Narrow down your choices

Well it is one of those few pieces of jewelry if not the only piece of jewelry which you will have it on for the rest of your life. It would be really advisable to make some of the preliminary choices before you hit the jewelry stores to pick your perfect wedding band. Before you pick your perfect wedding band, make the choice whether you want your wedding band of the same metal as to that of your engagement ring? Is your partner interested in matching the wedding band with his watch? Are you interested in picking your perfect wedding band to be simple? Do you want to pick your perfect wedding band to be over the top or something new trendy and unique? Are you interested in having any diamonds or gemstones while picking your perfect wedding band? Are you interesting in matching them with one another? Ask yourself such questions and figure what kind of band you would consider while picking your perfect wedding band and what you actually want. These can also save from confusion when you actually hit the shops and pick your perfect wedding band.

  • Consider buying band and ring together

Wedding bandsIf you want to be surprised with your engagement ring which is already on your finger, this is not going to work. Instead of having surprise it would probably more beneficial for you to have it on your finger already and then choose as to which wedding band will go well with your engagement ring. Just say for example if you have unique engagement ring then a no fuss band will go well with it. Whereas if you have a classic solitaire engagement ring then it would be perfect with some added sparkle of diamond pave band. Also give a thought on how the rings touch. If you are thinking to wear your engagement ring and wedding band altogether 24/7 then you should go for a shadow band or a contour. Ask your jeweler to find something which can go with your engagement ring. You can even go for buying it both at the same time.

  • Start searching early

Once you have the basic idea as to which type you want to pick your prefect wedding band for, now it’s the time for little fun and trials. Start search to pick your perfect wedding band before at least two or three months. As picking your perfect wedding band is not that easy and you cannot take spot decision as it is really very important. Take your time and browse different types of wedding bands and also have a check on various prices and also visit those bands again which catches your eye. If your heart falls for custom rings then you will need even more time. Also consider those extra time for engraving in mind as it can also take up one month.

  • Mix it up

Don’t freak out if you pick your perfect wedding band of platinum metal and you partner likes to opt for yellow gold. There is no hard and fast rule which specifies that you and your partner have to choose the wedding band of same metal or even same style. You can go for braided bands for picking your perfect wedding band as it will blend the two metals with each other and it will just be on a whole totally different. The most important factor in picking perfect wedding band is to go for the one which reflects your individual styles. Whatever decision you arrive, some of the aspects of the ring should be such which should match and make it feel like a true pair.

  • Set a budget

Before you go for any assumption of budget, make up your mind and think that you will spend about 3% of your total wedding budget on your wedding band. Decide a reasonable budget and don’t keep it too high because despite of the fact how much high you have kept you are definitely going to surpass it. Of course while picking your perfect wedding band you need to have a budget which is flexible. But it is not fair to spend a fortune while picking your perfect wedding band. And that if you want your ring to be personalized then the cost can be higher and having embellishments and other things added can cost you even more and hence while picking your perfect wedding band, keep all this things in mind.

  • Keep in mind your lifestyle

What is the meaning of buying highly expensive wedding band when it doesn’t even comfortable in use and you have to remove very often. It will be really irritating and if you have a plan of wearing it on regular basis then it cannot be possible. Hence when you are picking your perfect wedding band, keep in mind your lifestyle, the type of work you do and then go on with choosing the band. Make sure it is comfortable with you or else you will not be able to cherish its wear.

Tips For Choosing Perfect Wedding Band For Men

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Mens wedding bandWhen we discuss about the wedding bands, the thought is always about getting the perfect band for the bride. This is definitely not fair enough. If there so much of exciting about choosing wedding band for bride then why it is not for then men. Men’s also has the same privilege as that of women. Choosing the perfect wedding band for men should be given equal importance as that for women. Wedding bands are important in both men’s and women’s life and hence equal emphasis should be given while choosing the perfect wedding band for men also. Men also wear the ring and cherish it for the rest of his life. It is a symbol of love for him also and hence proper care and focus should be given while choosing the wedding band for men. We all have lots of idea and suggestions about the wedding band of women but enough of it let’s have some knowledge about choosing the wedding band for men and make him happy and satisfied. Here are some of the tips for choosing the perfect wedding band for men.

  • Setting a budget

Talking about choosing wedding band for men and putting budget in between is really not something which is romantic but it is important. Before you go shopping and choosing the perfect wedding band for men, it is very important to have an estimated budget. Determining a budget will help you a lot while choosing wedding band for men. It will make the process much easier and it will also cut down the frustration you get when you fall in love with a band and realize at the end that it is way more out of what you can afford. Of course budget is not at all an issue if you have a huge balance in your bank account and can spend even a fortune while choosing wedding band for men. There are no hard and fast rules that you should stick to your budget only there can little high and lows but having a budget can give you an idea as to what is your limit.

  • Consider lifestyle of men

Wedding band for menIt is very important to consider that lifestyle of men while choosing wedding band for men. If the man is in some kind of labor intensive or challenging job then he must be in need of some strong and sturdy metal which will not be damaged while he is at work. Likewise if the man is having hobbies of woodworking or playing football or such other games on the weekend then you might choose wedding band for men which can take up some punishments without getting damaged. Here is a list of metals which will guide as to which type of metal to pick while choosing a perfect wedding band for men.

  • Silver – Silver is considered as one of the popular options for choosing wedding band for men. It is popular along with being less expensive. But silver is not a kind of metal which is much durable. Thus if your men is indulged into some hard work and have such hard hobbies or passion then silver is not the thing to be chosen while picking wedding band for men and instead you should for something which is more durable.
  • Gold – Gold is more popular option for choosing wedding band for men. More preferable is low carat gold wedding band for men as compared to high carat as low carat gold ring is more durable in comparison with the high one.
  • Platinum – Platinum is such a metal which is highly durable and along with being durable it is also highly expensive. Platinum wedding band for men is a good choice as it looks classy and is also durable but it is quite heavy and some of them find it uncomfortable and hence check the comfort level of your men and then go for buying platinum wedding band for men.
  • Tungsten – Tungsten is not much popular but now a days it becoming very much popular and in trend. These wedding bands for men are appropriate as they are light weighted, affordable and also durable. But make sure to choose the proper alloy so that it is more resistant to scratches.
  • Taste of the men and his personality

Men is going to wear his wedding band for the rest of his life and thus it is appropriate to buy wedding according to his own taste and personality. There are many men’s who chooses to wear plain wedding band as they give a nice style statement and are also suitable in all types of occasions. Add a single diamond or ruby to the plain ring and whole look of the wedding band will be taken to a whole higher level. There are also certain men are who likes wedding bands to be flashier and more highlighting stones. It is all matter of taste and choice. Thus know the taste and personality of your men and choose the wedding band for men according to that.

  • Ring of men and women must complement each other

Just like the men and women go well with each other, their wedding bands should also be such which goes with each other well. The metal, styles, choice of stones should be complementary to each other and should also be harmonious. Now this does not mean that wedding band for men should be the male version of women wedding band is, it means both the rings must go well with each other even though they are different.

  • Who buys wedding band for men

There are no hard and fast rules as to who buys wedding band for men. Bride is one who knows groom very well and hence she can take the initiative and buy the wedding band for men. Even men and women can go altogether for buying wedding bands for each other. This would be more convenient option as here both can see what is more comfortable and convenient and also have a check as whether both the bands goes well with each other or not.

Do And Don’ts Of Wedding Jewelry

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Wedding jewelryIt is said that your dress makes your wedding. If you think this is right then hear this, if dresses the thing which makes your wedding right then jewelry is the thing which makes your dress right. Wedding is truly incomplete without jewelry. As we all know jewelry is inevitable part of wedding, many of the times we over do with our jewelry and it ruins the show. Wedding jewelry is such a thing which if done in right manner can make wedding wonders and if done in a wrong manner can make bridal blunders. Thus be choosy and careful while picking up your wedding jewelry. It is said that wedding jewelry is the, most auspicious jewelry in the life of a girl and thus make this auspicious wedding jewelry right and memorable for you. Its only one time a girl can be a bride and have such dreams about this day and having wrong wedding jewelry is totally like a scary dream to a girl. Thus don’t think way too much negative, you have all the information about the wedding jewelry and do and don’ts about it in this article which will make your wedding wonder and keep you away from bridal blunders.

  • Do mix borrowed wedding jewelry with the new one

In the past and before long time ago there was a time where the trend was everything matching matching. But in today’s time, matching is so more outdated and boring. To look really trendy and of today’s time, the trick is to express your style in a real cohesive manner. The time is of mix and matching instead of matching. Of course the finish should be similar but this does not restrict you from mixing up your wedding jewelry. Make sure that mixing up your wedding jewelry is of the general shape and era and echo of your wedding jewelry is of the same tone. You have the perfect chance of blending of your borrowed thing with the new one. You can have your grandma’s vintage brooch or you can have your mom’s old bracelet and mix those stuff with your style and your new collections and it will give a great impact on your wedding jewelry and attire.

  • Don’t put on necklace with this trend

Necklace is so old fashioned. If you are wearing a one shouldered beautiful long gown then it is a style statement in itself. Adding a glamorous necklace as your wedding jewelry to your perfectly perfect attire is an obvious no. This type of wedding jewelry on this type on attire will not suit with each other. This will ruin the entire look of the line of the gown and the flow of others eyes to your face and along with that it will also look imbalanced. Instead of opting for necklace, you should probably go for a pair of earrings as your wedding jewelry and a bold cuff.

  • Bring your head piece while trying on your earrings

If you are including a head piece as your wedding jewelry then try and keep it on while you are selecting your earrings as head piece affects a lot on the kind of earrings you put on as your wedding jewelry. You have to every add on very carefully as you have add to your beauty and not to create competition among your wedding jewelry. When you have one thing in bold try and keep other jewelry pieces light and pretty.

  • Don’t put on a watch

While wedding we all have a certain schedule to keep. But wedding is your big day so you better skip the watch and leave the issue and boredom of timing on others. Just think of all the pictures you are going to have and there a watch in the close up of those pictures. How uncool a watch will look in a wedding jewelry? A shining and shimmery bracelet would be a better option as a wedding jewelry rather than putting on a watch. Watch looks very elegant but wedding is not a day of being elegant it is the day of embracing the beauty to its optimum level.

  • Mix finishes: ring has its own separate entity

Don’t pay attention to your wedding ring. While selecting your wedding jewelry, all you need to pay focus on is your skin tone or your attire. While picking up your wedding jewelry pay focus on the trend and color of your gown or color of embellishments on it and not on the wedding ring. Don’t try to select such wedding jewelry which goes with your wedding band and not with your whole outlook.

  • Don’t over-accessorize

In order to have the best and perfect wedding jewelry, several times you have all the best things and put on all of them altogether which looks really bold and a bit too much. This will totally ruin your style statement. In today’s time less is more. You can have one of your jewelry to look bold and settle other parts of your wedding jewelry to be minute and balancing. If you want to be on the safer side while choosing your wedding jewelry, having earrings and bracelet combo is the best. It will go on any kind of attire without looking too much.

  • Give yourself enough time

Wedding jewelry is too much focused on the accessory and because of it some of the integral and important parts are compromised. Shoes, handbags and hairs are some of the things which are very much important for the wedding apart from the wedding jewelry. Try and fix up all the things like your hairs, your dress, and your wedding jewelry before three months of the wedding so that you can have enough time for trial and making any changes in it if something goes wrong. Make several trials before wedding and make sure everything blends in with each other in a proper and beautiful manner.


Tips of Selecting your Wedding Jewelry

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

selecting your wedding jewelryWedding is considered to be most important day of your life where you want to be the not only treated like a princess but your look is such that it defines your attire at that very day. You want your day to be the most memorable day which can help you in getting all those memories with your better half which is considered to be the most special one right? Than let me help you in the matters of going with your wedding things. Not only the food or the decoration is important but if you will ask me than the most important matter for me in the wedding is the wedding jewelry which you are going for. Yes, selecting your wedding jewelry is the jam of you which you need to comply with, keeping in mind all the important factors which you will be needed further.

Well, this article will help you in the process of selecting your wedding jewelry. Because if you will ask me than you need to pay proper attention at the time of going for the process of selecting your wedding jewelry. But there are certain things which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for the process of selecting your wedding jewelry like go for such jewelry which goes up with your wedding dress, go for the real ones, select your wedding jewelry with all the open mind, etc. and many such if the factors which can be considered to be the important matters for the matters of selecting your wedding jewelry for your wedding.

Tips of selecting your wedding jewelry

  • The further discussion of the things you need to take in to consideration at the time of selecting your wedding jewelry will help you in many matters of dealing with the things in a better manner too. We all have the fantasy to get the best dress of our wedding, not only that but we spend years for making the preparation of getting the best day of our like to be the best. Our efforts are just in your favors which will help you in going for the best and selecting your wedding jewelry which is considered and made for you perfectly to go with. Well, turning your brains on and get all the knowledge of the tips of selecting your wedding jewelry which can make you feel like a princess for your special day.
  • selecting your wedding jewelryThe first thing which you need to keep in mind at the time of selecting your wedding jewelry is to keep an open mind. Yes you heard it right. If you from firstly are going to decide that which type of jewelry you want than I think it is going to restrict your process of selecting your wedding jewelry. That is the reason why I am saying to keep you way wider so that you can easily get the best jewelry which you haven’t thought of till now. It is more advisable of not trying to convince you mind about the jewelry which you want in advance. Some of examples which can help you in getting the idea clearly is if you have decided for going for long earing than don’t only stick to it but try to go beyond it and go for the small and cute ones which can in fact increase your wishes towards it too. Many a times we ourselves think that we are here to buy something we wanted and finally we go for buying such thing which is totally different from that we thought of.
  • Now it is the time to go for the second thing which will help you in the matters of selecting your wedding jewelry is going for the real ones and not for the fake ones. We all have the desire to get the best outfit of our wedding and not only that we all want that we only become the center of attraction for the matters of our weddings than why you want that wearing the fake ones will give your day a bad impact. I know it is being very confusing of deciding which things you want to wear in the form of jewelry for your wedding like the bracelets, or necklace, or rings, etc. and many more of the things are being initiated but wearing the fake ones is not your jam. In fact real things will help you more when it comes for dragging up the eyes of people who have visited your wedding. Wearing fake jewelry will lead you look to be cheaper which can be considered against your impression which you wanted to have.
  • selecting your wedding jewelryAs stated there are many things which you need to keep in mind at the it me of dealing with the process of selecting your wedding jewelry and amongst them one is also to not to go for the last minute things for your wedding. We all know that we spend months of time for getting all the knowledge of which things are perfect for the perfect day of our life but at the end of the time we go for dealing with the last minute run ups than it is not being a good thing and in facts it can lead to spoil up your best day which you have been waiting for since long. It is advisable to solve up with all the queries and question before a week of your weeding which can help you in analyzing that your outfit and the jewelry which you wanted is being complied it totally. Rather you can go for the selecting your wedding jewelry at the time of going for the outfit or we can say the wedding dress which you are going for. Because it will give you clear idea about that the wedding jewelry which you are going for is going to suit on you or not. Well, the motto of this article was surpassing you with all the information which you are in need of at the time of going for selecting your wedding jewelry for your special day.

Tips for purchasing wedding jewelry

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

While buying bridal jewelry, the prime aspect is budget. Consider your budget. Try to get most reasonable within your income. Doing little research online makes you to get more details about cost and latest trend. Avail holiday special offers.

Ensure your jewelry reflects your personality. Go for jewelry that passionate you. Consider your wedding dress and buy jewelry that co ordinate with your dress. Your wedding jewelry set should go well with the theme of your wedding as well. Make sure to wear matching earrings and necklace. Bridal jewelry sets make your selection easier.

Don’t overwhelm your bridal dress with too much or disproportionate jewelry.

Make sure your jewelry goes well with your hairdo. Wear earrings in accordance with your hairdo.

Elegant, trendy, and classy jewelry are great for daytime wedding. For evenings, wearing gemstone jewelry gives great impact.

Decide earlier and take time in choosing the bridal jewelry. Avoid last minute shopping.

An engagment ring gift for the love of your life

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Engagement rings are worn by women as a symbol of acceptance of a proposal for marriage. This ring is given by the man who proposes marriage. It is one of the most special things a woman can have. This is special because it gives a feeling to a woman that she is the chosen one for her man. In most countries across the globe, engagement rings are exchanged by men and women at a ceremony before marriage.

In countries such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark and India, both men and women wear these rings as a mark of official announcement of their relationship. In earlier days, an engagement ring was meant to be just a band of gold. With the passage of time, things changed and the market introduced many variations. The simple band of gold got fancy. Today, you would find a huge variety of these rings in the market. Women are fond of having a diamond as their engagement rings. Beautifully designed diamond rings and solitaire look splendid and make the occasion memorable for the couple.

The Origin

The introduction of engagement rings dates back to the year 1215. This was the period when Pope Innocent III declared that couples to be married should maintain a waiting period. To adhere to this law, people used an engagement ring to officially mark their relationship in the public. This ritual soon began to be accepted in different cultures all across the globe.

Wearing the Engagement Ring

In most cultures across the globe, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger or the fourth finger of the left hand. The significance of this ritual lies in the belief that the fourth finger of left hand is home to ‘amoris’. The term ‘amoris’ is also referred to as the ‘vein of love’. This concept is very romantic.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and unity among couples. These have always stood the test of time. If you are getting engaged in the near future, it is the right time to search for an engagement ring. You can search online for some of the most interesting collection. You can choose from a wide variety of these rings as per your budget and requirements. Engagement ring is a lifetime possession. Hence you need to choose one with great care. Make sure you research a lot prior to making a final decision.

Buying Tips for Bridesmaids Jewelry

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Every bride wants to look the most beautiful woman on the earth and different on the day of her wedding. Buying jewelry for a bride is challenging task, you have to take care for many things. Here are some buying tips for a bridesmaid’s jewelry:

• While buying jewellery take care that jewellery are matched with the new fashion. Traditional jewellery is always in and they do not look odd or out of fashion when bride wear them.
• Jewellery should match with the colour and style of the cloth you wear on the day of your marriage.
• Select your jewellery according to the theme of your marriage. For e.g. if the theme of your marriage is very simple then wear light weighted jewellery and if the theme of the wedding is royal one then you can choose traditional, heavy weighted and diamond jewellery.
The selection of jewelry also depends upon your body structure. Some people look very gorgeous when while wearing heavy cloths with jewelry while some look good when they dress up with simple jewelry.

Bridal gold jewelry of Pakistan

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Even the sparkle of diamond has not been able to diminish the allure of gold jewelry when it comes to bridal pieces in Pakistan. Almost everywhere in the country, blushing brides browse through various jewelry catalogues and visit multiple jewelry stores to find the perfect wedding jewelry set for themselves. This is because gold has both spiritual and religious connotations in Muslim culture. Most of the gold jewelry sets worn by Pakistani brides are embedded with semi precious stones and gems.

Gold jewelry is considered to be a sign of elegance in the Pakistani culture and women belonging to diverse echelons of the society prefer buying a gold jewelry set for their wedding. In fact, it is a popular practice to give gold jewelry as bridal gift on weddings. The preference for gold wedding jewelry can also be explained due to fact that this metal can be easily liquidated in times of financial crisis.

Religious Wedding Bands

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

There are different types of wedding bands that people prefer for their big day. The other common ones loved mostly by Christians are the religious wedding bands. These type have designs that such as the cross, religious writings and are available mostly in silver and gold. They are beautiful lifelong and reminder of the commitment of live to each other and the lord Jesus Christ.

There are those that are engraved with passages f the scripture from the inside and outside. These verses are basically the ones that are related to love and marriages. They represent the sacred union between a man and woman as depicted in the Bible. There are others that have the Lord’s Prayer available in bronze, diamond, tungsten silver and gold. They can also be made in fancy designs to make them look elegant while still portraying the religious messages in signs and word. They are available in the jewel stores locally and online.

Bridal jewelry: common mistakes

Friday, April 30th, 2010

It is so funny that there are people out there who only wear the bridal jewelry on the wedding day then from there they keep them away. This is a common mistake done and if you dint know wearing the jewelry most often brings back the fresh memory of the important day in your life which must always be valued so if you are one of the victims who store jewelry immediately after the material day then know that you are emaciating your love.

Another common mistake that is done by women is that they want to wear the most expensive wedding jewelry not considering the pocket of whoever is going to pay. Sometime it is fare for one to have a joint mind with the groom before choosing your desire. This is best because it will avoid inconveniences. Something else is that avoid as much as you can to avoid wearing borrowed jewelry on your wedding day its better to wear them maybe on your honeymoon or even on the engagement day.