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Buying Engagement Rings: What to keep in Mind

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Getting engaged with someone is a very special occasion in anyone’s life. A few things to keep in mind while buying an engagement ring are:

a. Fix your budget: Decide your personal budget that you are looking to spend on a ring for your loved one.
b. Pay attention: Plan beforehand about your choice of ring and its make.
c. Choose a stone: You can choose diamond and shape separately as per your sweetheart’s choice.
d. Choose a setting: After stone selection, fix a type of setting like solitaire, extra stones etc.
e. Get a friend or relative: Visit a jewelry store with someone who knows your sweetheart’ choice well, as he can advise you for the best deal to go for.
f. Get your darling along with you: This option will reveal the surprise but will ensure that the choice is perfect.
g. Buy from a trusted store: Visit a well known jewelry store for your purchase, so that the quality can be assured.

Jewelry Boxes For Young Men and Boys Which They Will Love

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Nowadays young men and boys are becoming fond of jewelry. Therefore, they also need a jewelry box to store them. Men’s jewelry box does not have to be pretty with mirror and music. It must look masculine. Here are some examples:

Valet Box: a valet box contains valet, house keys, coins and business cards. These are the items which a young man or a boy tossed out when they return back to the home.
Charging station box: this box contains MP3 player, mobile and other gadgets like mobile chargers etc.
Watch Box: men have their favorite items like bracelets, rings and watches. The watch box is designed to store all of them.
Add a jewelry box at your favorite place it can be your office desk, bedroom dresser or on the table in the living room. A men’s jewelry box can be enjoyed by the men of all the ages.