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Tips To Choose A Platinum Ring

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016
Choosing platinum-ring

Selecting platinum-ring

Platinum is considered as the king of metals. This is because platinum has a special type of allure and also it is very rare, very pure and very much enduring. This fact is of course true but still all the platinum is not equal and also the craftsmanship of all the platinum is not the same. Thus you need to be careful while choosing a platinum ring. There are various types of platinum rings available in the market like platinum rings for men, platinum rings for women and platinum rings for couple. It depends upon the occasion as to which type of platinum ring to opt for. Platinum rings with diamond are very much in trend. You need to be very much careful while selecting platinum rings as platinum ring prices are very much high and you don’t want to regret after making wrong choice and paying higher price for the wrong choice. Here are some of the useful tips of choosing a platinum ring of higher quality.

  • Know the quality content of your ring

Just like the other metals, platinum should also be alloyed with other metal for getting the hardness needed for making any jewelry. A ring which is made of 80% of platinum and 20% of any other metal will worth a lot less as compared to that of a ring made of 95% of pure platinum and 5% of any other metal.

  • Check for the hallmark in the inside part of the ring

Federal regulations are very much strict and they need all platinum bands to have a hallmark or stamp on the inner side of the band. Thus before buying any platinum ring, you must see for this hallmark. If it says 90Plat/lr or IridPlat then the ring is only 90% of the pure platinum and rest 10% is of other metal and thus you should pay fewer prices as compared to that of 95 % of the platinum ring. If the hallmark says 95plat or Plat then the ring is said to be pure platinum and it will be having a premium price.

  • Ask the jeweler about the alloy being used in the platinum ring

If you are opting for a pure platinum ring then it must be alloyed with cobalt metal or ruthenium metal. These alloys will generate harder platinum which can hold a mirror bright polish and it can combat with years of daily wear or daily usage. Many of the 95 pure platinum rings are alloyed with less costly metal iridium but such types of rings are soft and these will become dull and scratched in a period of one year of daily use.

  • Find a master platinum smith

You must make proper research and find an ultra-specialist smith who is focused on handcrafting and designing jewelry in platinum. Working with platinum metal is extremely difficult. This metal will not melt till it reaches the temperature 3223 degree unlike gold which melts at a temperature of 1700 degree. The tools required to work with platinum are also totally different. Thus there are very few smiths who can work very beautifully with platinum along with all this challenges which this metal brings along with it.

  • Check for quality handcrafting in engraving, pave, filigree and other details

Platinum rings are available in plenty of designs with different details to fit in with personal tastes and choices. Such details might consists engraving, deep cuts in the platinum which forms a design. Certain jewelry manufacturers select to imitate hand engraving by embedding design into the casting of the ring. Such prefabricated engraving will eventually wear off with usage and will lose its luster beauty. Thus, before buying your platinum ring look for intricate and deep hand graving which can last for generations without losing its beauty and charm. If you want the best quality platinum ring then make sure that any filigree in the platinum ring is properly handcrafted. One of the other popular platinum ring options is bezel set with pave. This refers to the border of the metal usually set with small diamonds which accent the center stone and can make it look larger. Bezel setting with pave needs very much specific expertise and talent. Appropriate setting will make sure that the focus is on sparkle of diamonds and not on the platinum prone which holds the stone. Noticing these small things will make sure to get a right platinum ring to last for the long years to come.

  • Match your ring to your lifestyle

If glamour and high style statement are priorities in your life then you must opt for showstopper which is loaded with artistry and a large center stone. If mountain climbing is the thing you are into then don’t go for the delicate pave and opt for platinum design with low silhouette which is one which doesn’t elevate the middle stone so that it doesn’t get banged around on the rocks. You can also go for substantial platinum bands having unique engravings which look fashionable and still they are very much practical. The main is that your ring should fit into your lifestyle for your own comfort and style. Many of them are comfortable with beautiful platinum band with an intricate floral design while some of them will be diverted towards a classic piece with single center stone and filigree or even the famous three stone look with specific engraving in it. Anyways these rings will be wearied for many years to come. Avoid those rings which are having ultra-modern designs and which will look outdated in some years.

  • Choose style that looks best on your hand

When you are done with keeping some sorted things aside, it’s now the time to pick one among all. Based on your lifestyle and comfort, choose that one platinum rings which looks best on your hand. If you have small hand then go for something delicate as big patterns will not suit your hand and if you have a big hand then go for some bold patterns as it will be perfect for your hand.

Ways To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Band

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Perfect wedding bandWedding band is by far the most important band in your entire life. You have bought many different types of bands in your life but they don’t hold the importance as that of wedding band. It is the band you are going to wear for the rest of your life and it’s a symbol of your love. Thus you don’t want to make any mistake while picking your perfect wedding band. Picking your perfect wedding band is really very important for you as you don’t want to make the wrong choices and then regret it later. Wedding band is gesture of love and you want it to be the best piece of jewelry in your entire life. That’s the reason why it is very important to pick the perfect wedding band. Here are some of the ways to pick your perfect wedding band.


  • Narrow down your choices

Well it is one of those few pieces of jewelry if not the only piece of jewelry which you will have it on for the rest of your life. It would be really advisable to make some of the preliminary choices before you hit the jewelry stores to pick your perfect wedding band. Before you pick your perfect wedding band, make the choice whether you want your wedding band of the same metal as to that of your engagement ring? Is your partner interested in matching the wedding band with his watch? Are you interested in picking your perfect wedding band to be simple? Do you want to pick your perfect wedding band to be over the top or something new trendy and unique? Are you interested in having any diamonds or gemstones while picking your perfect wedding band? Are you interesting in matching them with one another? Ask yourself such questions and figure what kind of band you would consider while picking your perfect wedding band and what you actually want. These can also save from confusion when you actually hit the shops and pick your perfect wedding band.

  • Consider buying band and ring together

Wedding bandsIf you want to be surprised with your engagement ring which is already on your finger, this is not going to work. Instead of having surprise it would probably more beneficial for you to have it on your finger already and then choose as to which wedding band will go well with your engagement ring. Just say for example if you have unique engagement ring then a no fuss band will go well with it. Whereas if you have a classic solitaire engagement ring then it would be perfect with some added sparkle of diamond pave band. Also give a thought on how the rings touch. If you are thinking to wear your engagement ring and wedding band altogether 24/7 then you should go for a shadow band or a contour. Ask your jeweler to find something which can go with your engagement ring. You can even go for buying it both at the same time.

  • Start searching early

Once you have the basic idea as to which type you want to pick your prefect wedding band for, now it’s the time for little fun and trials. Start search to pick your perfect wedding band before at least two or three months. As picking your perfect wedding band is not that easy and you cannot take spot decision as it is really very important. Take your time and browse different types of wedding bands and also have a check on various prices and also visit those bands again which catches your eye. If your heart falls for custom rings then you will need even more time. Also consider those extra time for engraving in mind as it can also take up one month.

  • Mix it up

Don’t freak out if you pick your perfect wedding band of platinum metal and you partner likes to opt for yellow gold. There is no hard and fast rule which specifies that you and your partner have to choose the wedding band of same metal or even same style. You can go for braided bands for picking your perfect wedding band as it will blend the two metals with each other and it will just be on a whole totally different. The most important factor in picking perfect wedding band is to go for the one which reflects your individual styles. Whatever decision you arrive, some of the aspects of the ring should be such which should match and make it feel like a true pair.

  • Set a budget

Before you go for any assumption of budget, make up your mind and think that you will spend about 3% of your total wedding budget on your wedding band. Decide a reasonable budget and don’t keep it too high because despite of the fact how much high you have kept you are definitely going to surpass it. Of course while picking your perfect wedding band you need to have a budget which is flexible. But it is not fair to spend a fortune while picking your perfect wedding band. And that if you want your ring to be personalized then the cost can be higher and having embellishments and other things added can cost you even more and hence while picking your perfect wedding band, keep all this things in mind.

  • Keep in mind your lifestyle

What is the meaning of buying highly expensive wedding band when it doesn’t even comfortable in use and you have to remove very often. It will be really irritating and if you have a plan of wearing it on regular basis then it cannot be possible. Hence when you are picking your perfect wedding band, keep in mind your lifestyle, the type of work you do and then go on with choosing the band. Make sure it is comfortable with you or else you will not be able to cherish its wear.

Types And Styles Of Rings

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

RingsEvery single type of ring has special importance and significance. There has been varied range of styles of rings since ancient times to these modern days. You just need to explore the world of rings. Ring is such an accessory which is very fashionable and classic. It can be used by both men’s and women’s. Rings can be classified in two ways one is their symbolic meaning and other is the type of their styles. In general most of the people think of the engagement ring in first instance and the other beaded rings are classified later on. There also prevail other types of rings which come for special occasions and events since the history till today. Here are some of the types of rings.

  • Classic Rings

Classic rings are such which are worn by the students in general to signify or symbolize their achievement. It is also worn to depict their honors and also commutate their graduation generally in colleges, universities and high schools. The design of classic rings is like a metal band with such a pattern of your school mascot or having a centre stone which represents the color of your school. According to the tradition student should wear the classic ring in right hand on the third finger. But it’s not compulsion, you can wear you classic ring on any finger of any hand or you can also wear on a neck with a simple chain. If a boy friend gifts a classic ring to his girlfriend than it indicates that he wants to be with her exclusively.

  • Promise ring

Promise ring is also seen from the perspective of pre wedding ring in certain cases. In any relationship, a promise rings stands for commitment and vows. Men and women both can give a promise ring to each other. When you give a promise ring to your beloved make sure that he or she knows exactly what this ring is and what it signifies. The traditional gem stone used for promise ring is pearl. Apart from pearl, small and pretty diamonds has also become one of the popular choices. Diamond is becoming popular because it is the symbol of true and eternal love.

  • Engagement ring

Engagement ring is one of the most important and precious ring in any person’s life. It is the symbol of two person sharing bond of love for the rest of their life and engagement ring is the first step towards it. Engagement ring is traditionally given by a man who is intending to marry. Engagement ring can be of any gemstone, style or color. It totally depends upon your personal choice. But diamond rings are more prevalent for engagement rings.

  • Wedding ring

Wedding is a symbol that the person is married. It is usually worn on the left hand, third finger. It is wore by both men and women. This is specifically wear in left hand third finger because people believe that it is connected to the heart. These are usually made out of gold or platinum.

How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Engagement ringUndoubtedly engagement ring is precious for every couple. It’s a ring which you admire for your whole life. Engagement ring is the symbol of love and commitment, and the beautiful life you are going to spend together. It is very enduring and it must be beautiful and valuable. If anything happens to your engagement ring then it will surely break your heart. Rather than economical value there is a sentimental value attached to engagement ring. Thus it is very essential to take proper care of your engagement ring and not let it fade with time. Along with keeping your love intact and bright also keep the symbol of your love, your engagement ring bright. Like your love don’t let your engagement ring fade with time. Here are some of the tips on how to take care of your engagement rings.

  • Handling

For maintain your engagement ring it’s very important that you handle your engagement ring properly. Make sure you always pick it up by its band and not by the stone or design of it. When you pick it from stone and design, the oils and dirt of your hand gets attached to it and fade in long run. Apart from dirt, this thing will also help to keep the setting of stone or gem or design intact in its place.

  • Metal

The engagement rings of platinum and gold will not tarnish but there are chances of them of getting scratched in the long run. Some people don’t pay heed on it. But it is simple thing can be fixed easily. If desired, just a simple polish can bring your engagement back to its original appearance. Usually gold is soft metal as compared to platinum and thus polishing and repairing gold engagement rings is inexpensive and can be done by any minor jewelry store. Scratches can also be removed by jewelry specialist if you intend to get it removed.

  • Storage

If your engagement rings are of diamond then it is generally hard metal and if kept with other rings it can damage other jewelry also. Thus each and every piece of jewelry should be stored separately. Especially when things come upon storing engagement ring then it should be given proper importance and kept it in a soft fabric pouch or a jewelry box and protect your engagement ring from other jewelry pieces.

  • Chemicals

It is obvious thing that every woman wears her engagement ring on a regular basis throughout her life. There are various common chemicals which are around your house and affect your engagement ring on daily basis. Chemicals such as hair spray, furniture polish and such other cause things have a capacity to cause long lasting damage to your extremely special engagement ring. Thus while going through any of these things make sure you remove your engagement for that point of time. Even while using chlorine or bleach or hair dye remove it and keep it aside for keeping the beauty of it for long time.

How To Choose Wedding Ring

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Wedding RingYour wedding ring is certainly one of the most treasured ornaments you are going to have and hence you need to be really careful while shopping for it. It’s something that you would be donning lovingly throughout your life, across countless anniversaries – and might be would love to pass on as a precious legacy to the next genre. Thus, there are several considerations to mind while you proceed to shop for the wedding ring.

Define priorities

Every bride has her own particular specifications when it comes to the wedding ring- so be clear about the priorities first before you take to shopping. Decide about the metal color, the decorations and the budget. Do you want it in white or yellow? Would be prefer a simple one or a well-embellished gaudy piece? Then, ask yourself about the theme. Do you want something that will echo your family tradition or cultural heritage or some similar romantic link between you two? When you have your priorities straight beforehand, the shopping becomes a lot easier.

Diamond rings are most common

Diamond is the most common option when it comes to wedding rings as the stone symbolizes purity & strength. There are 3 popular types concerning diamond wedding rings. One is the solitaire option which daunts one big bright diamond and is best if you are looking for something simple & classy. The other one is Three-stone ring which comes with 3 round cut diamonds representing past-present-future trilogy. The 3rd option is side-stone rings where you have one big main stone and small precious stones on the sides.

Other metals

After diamond, platinum is the most common. If you have a fetish for a whitish theme, sterling silver would also go. Otherwise gold carries a timeless appeal.

Be careful about the size

You must know that your fingers are not in normal size every time and can contract or swell as per the weather, time of day & different weather conditions. Thus you have to buy the ring when your finger is in its actual size so that you can flaunt it all the time. For example, do not ever try the ring in morning or when you are extremely cold or hot or after you have just exercised. It’s advised to try the final fitting while you’re calm & the body temperature seems normal.

Shop around

Do not settle with the first jewelry shop you come across- you have to take a market study among at least 5-6 stores. Ask for references from your family, friends, colleagues or else browse online. Make sure to head for the reputed ones only. Don’t forget to check out the customer testimonials. A trusted jewelry store usually carries a long list of satisfied clientele. The one you take to should be able to greet you with a versatile collection so that you can have ample options to make the desired pick.

Quality check

The wedding ring you finalize should carry 2 marks inside. One is manufacturer’s trademark & the other is quality mark.

Latest Engagement Ring Designs In 2014

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Engagement Ring DesignsThere are certain factors that you have to keep in mind while deciding to buy an engagement ring. With time, the trend is selecting an engagement ring has changed as many design ideas have been evolved into the market. Undoubtedly, the engagement day is the day of a person’s life. So, all the loved ones have a wish to bejewel their finger with the most ravishing ring on that day. Most people are unaware that a good engagement ring is the one with exceptional cuts and has a superb designing. As a buyer you need to be aware of the metal that has been used to manufacture the ring. You should be careful to check about the setting of the stone within the engagement ring and also ring texture as well.

With time, diamond rings are becoming more and more popular for engagement rings. Their demand has increased substantially. The sophisticated design and beauty of a diamond ring are making diamond rings to be hugely preferred. These days the diamond rings are being innovated. Sapphires, Emerald and ruby are innovatively being used as the center stone. The trends and styles have very much changed since the past.

Big rings are much in fashion today. The best part about these over-sized yet well designed rings is that they can go well with almost all your outfits. Whether you are wearing a formal suit, or an elegant gown or you are going for a brunch, the ring shall suit all occasions. You can get them in a single stone or go for immensely studded option.

Stones are another big trend this year. All the jewelry designers have been adorning rings beautifully with the stones to follow the trend. They usually use a variety of stones in the colors that would go for your daily use. Radiant Orchid is seemingly the color of the year 2014. The shades that are trending are variations of purple, quartz’ smokiness and the blush happy colors of pink. You are sure to come across a lot of rings in these colors and designs.

However, very few men like to wear jewelry. They want to make a fashion statement without going overboard with jewelry. Men prefer wearing silver rings than gold ones. It is perhaps the best engagement ring kind to buy for your man as he could always wear it without feeling awkward. It suits men of all ages. The simplicity and affordable price range of silver rings also make it a total winner. Men are generally of a rough and sturdy temperament, and the silver ring is the ring that shall compliment their nature. These rings have enormous range of modern designs. They help you make a statement of class, authority and power. Silver rings are the most common today for occasions such as engagement.

Silver Rings: A Popular Jewelry Piece Among Men

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Silver RingsMen generally do not like wearing jewelries. They like to be simple and look sophisticated. Women on the other hand love wearing jewelries and utilize jewelries to create a fashion statement. Men also keep a track of the recent fashion trends and look stylish. However, you will not see a majority of men wearing necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. The two common jewelries that you will see men wearing are watches and rings. Men prefer jewelry made out of silver instead of gold.

Silver rings have become increasingly popular among the men belonging to different parts of the world. Rings made out silver can be worn by any man irrespective of his age because these look classy on anyone. Silver rings are loved by men because of their simplicity and affordability. You can even gift silver rings to your father, brother, husband, friend etc to show them your love, appreciation and friendship. Since men are characterized with qualities such as roughness and sturdiness, silver rings can be perfect for them.
Earlier, silver rings had very common and traditional designs. But as the demand for silver rings increased, the designs of the rings evolved and underwent radical changes. Today these come in different and dexterous designs and you have a variety of silver rings to choose from. You can get hold of silver rings for any and every occasion such as weddings, birthdays, valentine’s day etc. Silver rings are most commonly used for weddings because these give an ethnic and simple look to men.

Nowadays, the cost of gold is going on increasing at a tremendous pace because of which men turn to silver rings and other jewelry pieces made out of silver. Silver rings help men make a statement of richness and strong personality. These rings even symbolize authority and power which are closely associated with men.

Selecting the perfect engagement rings

Friday, May 31st, 2013

engagement rings, ringsWomen are not only attached to the beauty of engagement rings, but also the emotions that are attached to it. If you truly love someone, then you would love to give them an engagement ring. As easy as that sounds, it is actually not that easy. Buying the right engagement ring runs shivers through the body of the buyer as it is not only a tough, but a risky job. Most men think what if their lady love does not like the design that they buy?

Thus it is important to do a lot of planning and research before you raid the markets for buying the perfect engagement ring. Firstly you should know the personality and choice of your beloved. Having this information will ease your task to a great extent. If you are planning to get a diamond, then know about the styles, cuts and colors of diamonds. Most importantly remember to buy such a ring which is durable and long lasting, as engagement rings are something which is worn for a lifetime.

Modern Waistband Designs

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

waistbandWaistbands have evolved from utility belts in the ancient times. Later with the importance of the structure of the waist in women to signify greater feminist characteristics Victorian women started corseting from a young age to have really thin waists. Waistbands in the Middle East were mainly used by belly dancers and performers. In modern times the waistband has been exaggerated to be stylish low waist bands associated to short skirts and low waist trousers portrayed by celebrities worldwide.

Waistbands can basically be there to make the lower clothes of your body, many opt for regular waistbands and casing, in inner wear there are elastic waistbands and in women’s dresses there are the contoured waistbands too. Some modern techniques of using jewelry as waistbands have also come in were accessorizing the waistband with precious stones or just a thin film of precious metal is the trend.

Golden Rings For Your Man

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Golden Ring, men's jewelryAre you thinking of buying a golden ring for you man on the eve of your anniversary or his birthday? Whatever be the occasion is, you have to be very careful while selecting golden rings for man. There are various designs available, but you have to choose such a design which suits your man perfectly. Make your mind first on the type of ring you are looking to buy. Also fix your budget so that you find it easy to get a ring.

If you are looking for some stone studded rings, then you have to have a flexible budget since the stone golden rings for man are quit thick and heavier otherwise they won’t suit the man. Stone studded means you will definitely go for diamonds. You have to make up your mind here as well and decide whether you want to go for a single diamond or a number of small diamonds. The price of the ring will also depend on the quality of the diamond as well.

Visit your nearest jewelry store and see the collection of all rings for man that come within your budget. Choose the ring which fulfils all your requirements and suits the best for your man.