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Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Egyptian Jewelry

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Most of us pay no attention to Egyptian jewelry beyond what attracts our naked eyes. But investing a few moments into learning about Egyptian jewelry might prove to be very interesting.

The Egyptians were very choosy about the color of the stones they used. For the Egyptian civilization red symbolized life and power, blue stood for joy, while green denoted fertility.

Jewelry was made not only for adoring the body but also in order to symbolize various religious occasions. These include special jewelry for religious sacrifices and for mummification.

Egyptian jewelry was worn by both men and women, and therefore it is tough to determine whether an original piece of Egyptian jewelry was made for a man or a woman.

Egyptians believed in making their jewelry symbolic. Most common symbols are the falcon, the lotus, and the human eye which symbolize the process of healing.

Once Islam spread in Egypt, people were prohibited from wearing gold jewelry. However, they were allowed to wear silver jewelry.

Wholesale gold nose piercing rings

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Nose piercing has become a trend-setter in fashion these days. Right from a local girl to the top models and actresses prefer nose piercing. But the main point is that which is the best material for nose rings? Gold nose piercing rings are very sophisticated and comfortable. This is suggested that wearing gold in the upper part of body is good for a woman.

There are many wholesale dealers are available online that provides gold nose piercing rings at the appropriate price. It is easy to purchase these rings from internet as you can easily make your payment using your card. You don’t even have to roam around different shops.

Wholesale gold nose rings look beautiful and provide you a glamorous look. Price of these rings is fit to pocket. You can get your own favorite design in these rings without too much of efforts especially floral design or combo of gold and diamond.

Naval bars

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Belly piercing is also called as naval piercing. Many girls love to do naval piercing as it makes them look beautiful and different from other common girls. It makes them different in the group and provides a different class. Naval bars are the first choice of every girl.

These bars mainly include a small ball at the one end of the naval and a large ball inside the belly. Many popular celebrities have used them in their shows and movies which makes them more popular in the society. Initially piercing tongue, belly and lip was considered to be quite unusual for common people. But gradually it has become the most common activity amongst teenagers.

The most common form of naval bars consists of single ball at one of the end. There are some other forms of naval bars available in the market like double bars etc. These naval bars are very elegant and provide uniqueness to your personality.

Kids Ornaments

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Your kid is the most precious thing you have and every purchase made for him must be precious too. As a matter of fact, kids are very choosy and will always want their desires and wishes met in the most personal way which is always a challenge to their parents. It will not matter to the kid where you have purchased the ornament or how attractive it looks; that’s to you. Before making a decision to buy an ornament for your kid(s), seek for their opinions first since they are the ones to use the ornament.

A list of kid’s ornaments is quite large; you can choose from sports category, music or even school valued ornaments. For Christmas kids’ ornaments, you can pick on the flute, violin, tuba, French horn ornament among others. Incase you kid is very particular in his choice, then think of personalizing his ornament. So simply, you can have the cello, accordion, drum or even clarinet ornaments which makes the larger house of kids musical ornaments. For a sporty kid, baseball, basketball, ballerina for a girl child, hockey ornament among others can improve your relationship with your kid.

Personalized Ornaments

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

People have varying tastes and preferences that are far apart like the heavens and earth. They have their own discreet secrets regarding the ornaments of any nature; Christmas, wedding, valentine sports and so on.

Personalized ornaments carry the individual’s specifications; color, design, material composition and the costs attached to it. With the slightest knowledge about the person, you can make right choices that carry scintillating designs and appealing looks that can withstand the challenges of time and competition. A personalized ornament can be for a Christmas, wedding, occupation, baby, school, sports, hobby ornaments and simple family gifts.

Valentine ornaments as well as Halloween ornaments can be personalized and still make very promising gift to your beloved one. Personalized ornaments for babies require a clever contrast in color and may include baby bear in pink buggy, baby bear in blue, baby rattle-blue bow among others. Whatever the case, the uniqueness and perfect match posted by personalized ornaments will stand out tall and meet the challenges of time.

Japanese Garden Ornaments

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

In most cases, you will find out that Japanese garden ornaments offers a very large collection of beauties which basically includes lanterns, statues, pagodas, and other water features. As for the stone lanterns, they were known to be used in the lighting of the entrance to the temples and even shrines be fore they were later introduced to the Japanese tea gardens. Since the Japanese tea ceremonies are normally held in the evenings, then light is needed to lead people to the garden.

Some other Japanese garden ornaments like granite spheres are great features which can actually be used as water sources. Since they are a bit wide, then drilling them as water features is not difficult at all. More over, there are quality bamboo panels and fences which are normally used in both inside and out side the compound. They are generally good and basically provides great look to the garden.

Recycled Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Recycled wine cork Christmas ornaments are the easy ideas that are used in transforming all the old wine corks to new ones since they appear to be too pretty to be thrown away. It is normally recommended that the monochromatic color should be used for the designing of the ornaments since they do appear quite clear, soft and peaceful. However, you can change on the colors depending on how you want your wine cork Christmas to appear.

Recycling wine cork Christmas ornament is quite simple since the materials needed for the exercise are easily available. Some of the necessary materials include wine corks, gold acrylic paint, paint brush, scissors and glue. One great issue on recycled wine cork Christmas ornament is that they do not necessarily require any drink first for it to work. You simply have to put in place all they materials that are required for the wine cork to be produced a gain in a better way and color.