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What is a Figaro Style Necklace?

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Figaro Style NecklaceNowadays with the wide variety of jewellery in the market it is very difficult to determine what is good and what is not. People are wearing unusual and different stuff everyday which is very appealing to the eye. Amongst these new jewellery comes the trendy new Figaro necklaces.

These chains can be work by both men and women depending on its width. The thicker the width the more manly is the look of it. Thin chains in silver look more feminine and look very beautiful on women. However these Figaro chains have these characteristic of curb styled flattened links. The unusual thing about these chains is that it is designed in way which is two or three links of similar length (usually shorter) followed by a long link. It depends on the chain. There may be a gap of wither two or three links at a time. ‘Figaro chain’ is a term used for any chain that follows this principle of design where two short links are incorporated between the long ones.
These chains are a break to the usual design where links of similar length and size are used. The fact that these chains can come in varying widths is another factor adding upto to their rising popularity. The designs of these chains reflect elegance and class. More suited for a masculine these chains can be worn by both genders too.

These Figaro neck pieces are an exclusivity of the Italian people since it has originated from there. These are usually worn by men accompanied with crosses or other religious crafts. “The barber of Seville” and “The Marriage of Figaro” are the two operas with their lead characters as Figaro, these operas are how the Figaro chains were inspired. Traditionally made of gold these chains can be available at traditional jewellery places.

Christian Wedding Ornaments

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Christian Wedding OrnamentsWedding is a very solemn occasion in a person’s life. It is a very precious moment in the life of both the bride and the groom. Ornaments are very essential part of any wedding which adds glamour to the entire ritual. The cultures and rituals that people follow are completely different in various communities.

In Christian weddings, the wedding bands play a very important role. It is the sign of the eternal bond that both the partners will share for their entire life. The rings that are exchanged must be in accordance to the choices of the bride and the groom because they wear them for the rest of their lives. Christians mainly, do not prefer gold. Their ring has to be made up of either silver, diamond or platinum which is worn in the ring finger of the left hand. The bride can also wear a decorated tiara or a crown. These headpieces are gold, crystal, diamond or pearl studded. This gives a stunning look to the bride. Men can wear cross chokers made of diamonds.

Sober Earrings which are not quite long in length are appropriate in Christian Weddings. They are forbidden from wearing multiple layered earrings. A necklace which matches with the long flowing white gown is worn. The neck pieces can be of various kinds of pearls like vintage faux pearls, polished glass crystal beads with sterling silver etc. Cascading fringe neck pieces are also used. Rubies, emeralds, opals are other types of stones that are used in necklaces. They are designed in a way to signify the holy cross. Slight use of gold, just to give it as a base is used. Bracelets and brooches are also worn by the brides as well as the guests attending the wedding.

Bridal ornaments to make the wedding perfect

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Bridal ornamentAre you about to be married and thinking about how to team up your jewellery with that beautiful wedding dress specially tailored for your wedding? Well, here goes on how to make the happiest day of your life unforgettable forever. The most vital part of wedding embellishments is the bridal jewellery. These are worn, flaunted and later passed on to the children and grandchildren. Hence it is important to make the correct decisions when buying the jewellery.

Bridal jewellery constitute of the necklace, a pair of long showy earrings, bangles of different kinds, bangles or bracelets and a lot of bridal rings for the fingers. The design of the wedding gown or ‘lehenga’ plays a very important role in deciding what kind of jewellery would go with it and weather flaunting a tiara and a couple of hair clips would be a good idea. If the gown is off shoulder then a lot of neck jewellery can be used to decorate the bride. An ideal wear here would definitely be a chunky choker. If the neck of the gown is small and round, a sagging and small neckpiece or a string of pearls would do an excellent job. If the neck is deep then big neckpieces would look gorgeous.

As far as earrings are concerned the long looped ones passed on by your dear grandma would be an excellent idea; the vintage chandelier earrings are not a bad idea at all too. These earrings look good with long deep necks or off shoulder dresses or strapless ones. Basically all dresses would look good when teamed with good old fashioned jewellery. Make sure the earrings don’t lie on the dress, shoulders or other ornaments. Pearl, platinum and crystal jewellery is the new ‘in’ these days Inspite of gold and silver being the common choice of many.

The Wedding ornaments adorning the beautiful bride

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Wedding ornamentsThe bridal jewelry is surely one of the most significant aspects of your wedding embellishments. The wedding ornaments are one of the prized assets for any bride which she would love to flaunt and later pass on proudly as her legacy. Are you about the get married soon and looking for tips on your bridal jewelry? Well, the post below is a brief note highlighting on the bridal ornaments.

The most common bridal jewelries are a necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings and the bridal rings. Some of the brides love to flaunt a tiara as well and ornamental hair clips too. The style of your wedding gown plays a vital part in determining the choice of your necklaces and earrings. If the wedding gown comes with a small & round neck, get a sagging and slim necklace. A single chain of pearls with a dainty pendant dangling from it would complement well with your small necked gown. If your gown flaunts big neckline, long necklaces are the perfect fit. In case you are taking to off-shoulder attire, you have a great liberty to get all ornamental with necklace. A chunky choker would be the ideal-most here.

Are you planning to put on the vintage chandelier earrings or long loop pieces that have been passed on by your grandma as your family heirloom? Well, the long vintage jewelries suit the best with the strapless dresses or the bridal gowns with low necklines. In case your bridal attire is designed with puffy sleeves, a short solid top would be nice to accentuate the overall look- the earrings shouldn’t lie on sleeves, ornaments or shoulders. There are a lot of options when it comes to bridal jewelry. Apart from the traditional gold, silver and diamond, the pearl and crystal jewelries are also gaining prominence in the bridal scene these days.

Bridal ornaments for beach wedding

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Bridal ornaments, wedding jewelryHave you planned to exchange vows before the mighty ocean amidst the pristine sand stretch? Beach weddings are truly romantic and a cherishing experience not only for the new couple but also for their guests. The post below suggests some tips on bridal ornaments for a beach wedding.

When it comes to beach wedding jewelry, fresh water pearl ornaments are the ultimate choice. You can go for the usual white pearls while pink pearls would create a subtle contrast with your all white bridal gown. As peals are derived from oysters, pearl accessories always remind of the sea. Crystal jewelry is another good option here. Go for turquoise crystal complementing the blue surround before you. You can even mix up a crystal and pearl look. Get

Then you have ocean blue quartz or chalcedony jewelries for your beach wedding. If you are planning something unique, coral accessories would be nice as well.

About kundan ornaments

Friday, April 12th, 2013

kundan ornaments, jewelryKundan jewelry is one of the oldest forms of jewelry art still prevailing in this part of South Asia. The kundan jewelry sports a royal look and that is the main reason why many people prefer using the kundan jewelry.

The art of kundan jewelry originated mainly in Jaipur, but with it spread all around the country. There are many wonderful styles of the kundan jewelry. The four most famous art forms of the kundan jewelry are the Ghadai, Puwai, Meenakari and Jadai. Each of these styles has their own trademark by which you can identify them.

Kundan jewelry uses a lot of colorful and contains intricate designs on the body of the jewelry. This is the main reason behind the wide popularity of this jewelry form among the people. You can get all these jewelry styles in the nearest jewelry store. You can select from the wide range of designs available that suit you the most.

First Timers’ Guide To Buying Pearls

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

Pearls are one of the most beautiful elements used in jewelry. In early ages, people saw pearls as a spiritually strong gem and believed them to be tears of the gods because of their perfect shine and flawless beauty. But in these ages, everyone can wear pearls. They are easily available in shops, malls, jewelry stores and even at online stores. If you are planning to buy pearls for the first time now, here’s a guide that might help you make an excellent selection.

You have your freshwater pearls, which are produced by freshwater mussels and are mostly made in China. They are available in various shapes and colors and they are the least expensive types of pearls. Akoya pearls are the classic flawless white pearls which are treated by man to nurture to give the best shine and beauty. Tahitian pearls are grown in the warm water beds in southern seas and there are the South Sea pearls are saltwater pearls are cultivated from the oysters found in seas. So depending upon the kind you need, make your selection and make sure you do it from a reputed store.

Akoya pearls vs. fresh water pearls

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Fresh water pearls, pearlsPearls always have a very classy appeal. They can add glamour to every kind of outfit and can be worn with formal and semi casual outfits too. Earlier, pearls were only chosen from the finest oysters, processed and strung into necklaces and bracelets. But now the number of natural pearls has lessened which gave rise to the creation of manually created pearls. One of the best in this category is the Akoya pearl.

To know the difference between Akoya pearls and freshwater pearls, you need to inspect the pearls yourself. The luster is much more in case of Akoya pearls as compared to freshwater ones. Akoya pearls are made in oceans by putting a shell inside and oyster allowing it to nurture and develop into a pearl. This is doe exclusively in the seas around Japan. Freshwater pearls are farmed in freshwater lakes and ponds. The price of Akoya pearls is thus much higher than freshwater pearls.

The charm of Egyptian Jewelry

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Egyptian jewelry is not just for adomment purpose alone. It includes other religious purpose too. Since gold was thought to be the flush of sun god – Ra, it was the metal of choice for the pharaoh. Silver was considered a form of the goddess moon.

Egyptian jewelry contains some stunning and beautiful designs. These are collectors delight. The most famous pieces of Egyptian jeweler are King Tutankhamen emerald tables and Egyptian hieroglyphs. You can see these images in variety of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Mostly, Egyptian jewelry is made out of silver and solid gold. You can see a range of jewelry in the form of necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants etc..

Cartouche is a popular charming Egyptian jewelry. It is the nameplate for ancient kings and queens. Cartouche pendants personalized with an inscription of our choice is trendy.

If you want to wear something unique, different, and stylish, Egyptian Jewelry is a right choice for you.

Keeping silver ornaments from getting tarnished

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Silver ornaments will get tarnished if it is not cared properly. You should use silver ornaments regularly, as it remains best in daily use. However, make sure to wash it with plain water to remove sweat and dry it with clean cloth.

Silver is a soft metal and keep silver ornaments in a separate box. Anti tarnishing materials are available in the market. Ensure keeping them away from the air as silver turns black when it is exposed to air.

Using a polishing cloth is an ideal way to bring back the polish of your silver item.

Silver ornaments should be kept away from chemicals and so remove silver jewelry from your body while bathing and wear it last after completing all types of make up. Likewise, do not wear silver ornaments in the time of swimming as chlorine in the swimming pool water makes your silver ornament get tarnished.

When coming to cleaning, silver jewelry cleaning solutions are available in the market. Toothpaste is also an excellent thing to remove tarnish.

Keeping a couple of chalks with silver items helps to keep silver ornaments from getting tarnished.