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Tips to Follow For Investment in Gold

Monday, February 25th, 2013

If you are planning to invest in gold, follow the tips given below:

  • Know the various types of Gold. Understand the differences. See which form is more secure. Investing in coins and bullions is safer than gold futures.
  • Know the limit of you budget-It will help you decide what type of gold you can afford.
  • Know your goals-Don’t take any business risks. Play it safe. Don’t go for gold futures or gold mining shares, you might come out as a loser.
  • Known the industry- Watch business news regularly. Understand how the price of one commodity like oil affects the price of gold.
  • Know how to discipline yourself- As a beginner you will be tempted to invest when the market is up, but to survive for the longer run, learn how to make the right moves. Don’t be hasty.

These steps will take you a long way in Gold investment.

How to clean your intricate gold jewellery

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Jewellery is one of the most important assets anyone possesses since it is considered a lifelong investment and one ensures every possible safety in keeping there jewellery clean and intact as it was at the time of purchase. First and foremost it should be assessed what quality and what materials the jewellery is made up of so that later the best possible cleaning method could be determined. There are various methods or combination of methods which can be followed to keep your gold jewellery clean and if you have diamond ring then ultrasonic is the most effective treatment.

Soapy water method is the most effective and ideal cleaning method suited for all metals including Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Tungsten. One must important point which should be kept in mind while cleaning gemstones is that the texture of the stone should be provided the due importance. Liquid solutions are also considered ideal for cleaning different metals and they are hazardous in nature.

Gold: Perfect pick for wedding rings

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

wedding rings, goldWedding is a life time relationship and usually people make all sorts of efforts to make it memorable for themselves. Ornaments are integral part of weddings and that is why the families engaged in wedding usually spend quite a good sum of money behind buying gold ornaments. The jewelry shops are loaded with wide range of items which people can select as per their needs. Gold wedding rings are almost inseparable parts of weddings as they play an important role in the entire affair.

These shops have a huge range of stock of gold wedding rings. The price of these gold rings depends upon the weight of gold used in the ring. It can further increase if it is fitted with costly stones like diamonds and rubies. The trend of gold rings with diamond is in great demand these days and that is why most of the shops maintain good stock of these rings.

Contemporary gold jewelry

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Contemporary gold jewelry, golg jewelryThere is hardly another precious gem in the world which is as majestic and royal as gold. Gold is perfectly suited for every occasion and they can be sported in various ways. Earlier, it was a trend to wear gold jewelry that would be very heavy with a lot of detailing and intrinsic work. However, contemporary gold jewelry does not follow that trend anymore. Today, subtle designs are preferred over loud ones and that has lead to a number of interesting gold jewelry designs. These designs are meant for various occasions.

You can find one for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, get together and even for casual wear. It is amazing if you come to think of the fact that in earlier days, people would not even think about wearing gold anywhere but to some grand occasion. However, the scene has changed and the grace of gold is perfectly molded into the subtlety of the modern sensibilities.

Indian bridal gold jewelry

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Indian gold jewelry, gold jewelryThere is something very unique about Indian bridal wear ornaments. The main metal used in Indian bridal jewelry is gold. The traditional attire for most Hindu weddings is red which looks absolutely stunning against the dazzling gold. Heavy gold ornaments are worn during a wedding, by the bride. The tiara, large chandelier earrings, heavy set necklaces and bangles-gold is the primary metal chosen for weddings in India.

There are several designs when it comes to choosing bridal Indian jewelry. You can get them in several jewelry shops and also online. Some women like to go light on the ornaments so designers have also come up with less heavy and decorative pieces. Many brides can make a statement with minimum gold jewelry and still look stunning. The detailed intricate work and the spectacular designs of the necklaces, chokers, tiara and even anklets are the best things that can make your special day a memorable one.

Healing qualities of gold jewelry

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Healing qualities of gold jewelry, gold jewelryEver since the medieval times, people have believed that gold possesses amazing healing powers and hence the person who wears the maximum amount of gold on a body is the most immune to diseases and sickness. Astrologically speaking, every planet has a specific birthstone and these birthstones are always encased in either gold or silver.

The basic reason for doing so is the fact that these birthstones have some spiritual power and it is believed that both silver and gold have the power to tame them and ensure the exact amount of power is generated that needs to be focused on a particular individual.

Apart from serving the purpose of jewelry, the healing powers associated with gold have made sure that more and more people wear the stones encased in gold and it also helps in the spiritual and bodily purification apart from the fact that alchemists have used gold to produce the elixir which is said to restore complete health.

Tips to identify authentic Tibetan gold jewelry

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

If you are buying the Tibetan gold jewelry from a big jewelry shop, you must make sure to insist the salesperson to provide you proof of the jewelry’s authenticity. That person over the counter would run a gold test or X-ray tests on the gold jewelry. This is one good way to identify authentic Tibetan gold jewelry. There is a cloth known as jewelry cleaning cloth. You should rub your Tibetan gold jewelry three times with this cloth. If you see that the gold color is not removed then you can be sure that the gold jewelry is authentic.

If you own a strong magnet then put your Tibetan gold jewelry beside the magnet. If your jewelry does not get attracted by the magnet then you can be pretty sure that the jewelry is authentic. You can even use a black touchstone to see if the Tibetan gold jewelry is authentic or not. There are several websites that deal in authentic Tibetan gold jewelry featuring designs like Om pendants, the Tibetan knot or the Tibetan Hung jewelries.

Welsh gold jewellery: a perfect valentine gift

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Make this valentine day special for your better half with Welsh gold jewellery. Women always have second thoughts about whether to gift our husbands or boyfriends gold jewellery or not. But with Welsh gold jewellery the answer is always a yes. There are a wide variety of gold products that will make you confused as each product is as unique as the other.

There are cufflinks which are made of gold and are of unique fashion and are specially made in the shades of rose, silver and yellow gold shades. Cufflinks are great gifts to be given to your partner as it accessorize your attire in formal occasions and also is great to wear in the office for daily use. If you are planning to buy a pendant for your male partner then don’t hesitate as Welsh gold pendants are chic and elegant and its unique designs will make sure that every eyes turn, for the second time.

Gold Jewellery hallmarks: a sign of purity

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Hallmark on Gold jewellery is a standard which proves that the gold is 100% pure. It offers reliability to the gold jewellery. You have the right to know whether the gold is pure or not and how much gold is preset in the actual gold jewellery. The amount of gold attached to gold jewellery is the element responsible for how much the gold jewellery will cost.

In jewellery made of gold there are other substances also present that is needed to mould the gold in a particular design and build the ornament. So the hallmark assures you that the gold present in jewellery is either 22 carat or 24 carat. A hallmark consist of four things, first, it states the carat, second it contains the stamp of BIS, third it comes with the year of mark and lastly, it provides the jeweler’s identification mark. These factors help you to select a 100% genuine gold ornament with a seal of purity and credentials of actual gold.

Facts about white gold jewellery

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Years back when we used to speak about gold jewelry the immediate picture that would come in our mind used to be the golden and yellowish gold jewelry that women cherished wearing. Nowadays the trend is to wear the white gold jewelry which looks much more charming and elegant. You can get necklaces, earring, bracelets and rings even made of white gold. It is the combination of gold with white metals such as silver or palladium which gives it the stunning white look.

Make sure that you are ready to take proper care of the white gold jewelry you wish to buy. If you do not keep it clean and sweat free then it may start getting blackish or grayish in color. You will get good cleaning agents which are meant for cleaning white gold jewelry. Keep these safe in a cloth bag or box which will ensure that there are no severe scratches on them.