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3 Ways of Cleaning your Gold Rings

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Unlike silver ornaments, gold doesn’t accumulate a dull tarnished as the time passes. But gold can easily attract and accumulate the grime and dirt while using it regularly. It is very important to restore the shine and the actual finish as before because its perfect shine will help you in leading a perfect gold ring. Not only the gold rings but to shine your precious bracelets and necklaces, you will need the help of few household equipment and ingredients. There are many ways that can help you in cracking the process of cleaning your gold rings. Just follow the given ways below for e joying the best results of cleaning your gold rings.

Cleaning your gold rings ways:

  1. Cleaning your gold rings by using a dish wash

Gold ring washed in a dish wash

Dish wash solution used for cleaning the Gold ring

Take warm water in a bowl and add few drops of liquid dish wash in it. mix it thoroughly and gently. Want to use ordinary tap water? It works fine but for better outcomes, it is advisable of using warm water that offers better cleaning. for even better results of cleaning your gold rings, use club soda or sodium free seltzer water.

The effects of this water help in removing the accumulated dirt and grime on the surface of your gold rings. It is advisable of not using hot or boiling water because many a times it is observed that the gold rings contains fragile precious stones. Opals, and expensive stones can even crack due to the extreme temperature of water.

Dip the gold jewelry into the solution prepared. Allow your gold rings to settle in the water say for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. As the gold rings will be soaked into the water, it will start reacting with it and it will start making its way into the curves and cracks observed in your ring.

It works best for reaching those buildups that are hard to clean by using the art tools. Start scrubbing and cleaning your gold ring gently by using a soft bristle tooth brush. Scrub each and every piece of gold ring. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the crannies and nooks where the possibility of accumulated dirt is observed. It is advisable of using a soft brush bristle so that it doesn’t damage your gold ring and the precious stones attached to it. Stiff bristle can scratch the upper surface of your gold ring. Chances of even peeling and damaging the gold layer are possible if you are using a stiff brush.

Special types of brushes are designed for cleaning the gold jewelry. Now it is time to rinse the gold rings, it is advisable of rinsing it on running warm water. A good rinsing process will help you in removing the lingering dirt that has been loosened by applying the solution. If you are cleaning your gold ring in a sink, make sure to cover the outlet for not letting any precious part of your ring flow away.

Let the gold ring set on the towel for some time for air drying it totally before you start wearing it again. It is not advisable of wearing your gold ring if it is wet because it will attract moisture that will affect your skin.


  1. Cleaning your gold ring by using Ammonia

Gold ring cleaned by using Ammonia

Ammonia used for cleaning gold ring

Ammonia is a powerful solution but chemically it can be treated as caustic in nature. If planning of cleaning your gold rings more often by using ammonia, you should avoid this treatment. Because using it more can cause damaging effects to your gold rings. Well, ammonia works as good candidate for deep cleaning that too occasionally.

Ammonia is sometimes harsh to the jewelry, so there are chances of damaging certain metals. If you gold ring contains the elements of platinum and pearls, not using ammonia is advisable for cleaning your gold rings. Take a bowl and add Luke warm water say for six parts. Add one part of ammonia to it and stir it well. For having an even mixture, stir the prepared solution gently.

Soak the gold rings into the solution prepared for no more than one minute. Don’t let the gold ring settle in ammonia for longer time because it can damage the shine and finishing. Ammonia can slightly be corrosive in nature. For quickly removing the gold rings from the solution m, use a kitchen strainer as you use it while cooking pasta. Rinse the gold ring under the running water but don’t for get to cover the drainage pipe with the help of lid. Make a use of soft polishing cloth and allow having an air dry.


  1. Cleaning your gold ring using tooth paste

Tooth paste used for cleaning gold ring

Gold ring cleaning – tooth paste

It is advisable of following this method of cleaning your gold ring tooth paste with proper care. Because it might be possible that it can damage or scratch your gold ring. As it is the form of chemical that cleans your teeth. It might leave a firm stain on the gold and stones attached to it. If you are still in doubt, it is advisable of trying a gentler method instead of following this way of cleaning your gold ring.

Take a bowl, mix a small quantity of water and tooth paste. Squeeze about an inch of tooth paste into a bowl and mix one or two tablespoon of water in it. Make it a fine and light paste. It helps in loosing up the grimes and layer of dirt accumulated on the top surface of your gold ring. Using this way of cleaning your gold ring in a frequent manner will not at all damage you gold ring. But it is advisable of cleaning it quickly while performing it. Scrub it well before you start rinsing it.

Make the use of an old brush and scrub gently on the surface of the ring. If you notice any scratches, stop immediately for not damaging your gold ring more. Rinse with generous amount of running water because many a times it becomes difficult to remove the tooth paste used for cleaning your gold rings.

How to Clean your Rose Gold Jewelry

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

rose-gold-jewelryRose gold! I know you might be thinking that what are we talking about but there are different types of gold available in the market and the common ones from those are the yellow and the white one. But the supplies states that there are many things which must be considered at the time of buying the rose gold jewelry and not only that but maintaining it is also very important which every person must keep in mind at the time of cleaning your rose gold jewelry. Rose gold is a popular and stylish kind of jewelry which increases the glance of the people who all are thinking of buying it.

But according to me only purchasing and investing for rose gold jewelry is not enough but proper cleaning of your rose gold jewelry is just too. If you will not clean your rose gold jewelry in a proper manner, than at the time of selling it, the price which you will get by selling it cannot be adequate for you. And will not sum up and you might be not satisfied with the amount which you have got by selling your rose gold jewelry. This article will help you to know more about how to clean your rose gold jewelry by your own.

Cleaning tour rose gold jewelry

  • You might be thinking that cleaning your rose gold jewelry would be big task and comparatively difficult for you to take into action but not it is not at all like that. These further discussed steps will help you to solve up with your problem which you have arrived at the time of cleaning your rose gold jewelry.
  • First of all take a bowl and get prepared with the ingredients which you will need for cleaning your rose gold jewelry. This will help you to get better things for cleaning your rose gold jewelry.
  • Now line up the bowl in a line and cover it with the aluminum foil. Now you need to heat up the foil so it is advisable to add hot water to the foil. This will help; you to keep the water warm till the time you are not completed with the process of cleaning your rose gold jewelry.
  • Now add up all the ingredients which you will be needed for cleaning your gold ornaments. Like mixing salt, baking soda, and dish soap in the hot water which you have added to the bowl. And just remember one thing that te foil paper which you have adjusted in your bowl, the shinny part of it must focus on the upper side of the bowl where the hot water is stored.
  • After doing all these procedure, mix well all the things which you have added to the water and add the rose gold jewelry which you have been selected for cleaning. Leave all this ornaments for say five to ten minutes in water and let the solution work upon the its process.
  • After this process, take off all the ornaments from the water and rinse it with cold water so that all the dirty solution which has been stuck upon gets cleaned. This way will help you to get better cleaning of your rose gold jewelry.



How To Clean White Gold

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

White goldWhite gold has become very prevalent for wedding bands and engagement rings. There are many people who will wear gold only if it is white. This is because of its shine and its finish. White gold does not come naturally; it is a man made thing. White gold was introduces as an option for platinum. But gradually it became very popular and people started opting for it even more than platinum. As discussed earlier, white gold is not natural and hence it becomes part and parcel of white gold things to be kept clean and maintained regularly. If you want to maintain the luster and shine of white gold, you must remove the lotion residue, dirt and soap on a regular basis so that the surface of white gold does not get dull.

It’s good that cleaning your white gold is not that difficult, it’s your choice if you want to take it to any professional jeweler for cleaning but if you can take out 15 minutes every month for your one of the prized possession then it’s really easy to clean with just with few of the materials which already exist in your home. Here are some of the tips to clean your white gold yourself only.

  • Collect all supplies of white gold cleaning

Collect warm water, bowl, baking soda, a soft brush, mild dish soap and a clean towel. Also keep a colander handy just in case you need it. If you find it necessary then purchase a cloth which is designed specifically to clean the jewelry instead of using towel. See the jewelry closely which you are intending to clean if there are any loose gems or damaged prongs. Do this for your own good so that you don’t have to regret at the end that you lost any stone or gem while cleaning.

  • Soak the white gold in mixture of soap and water

Take warm water in a bowl and add some of the drops of drops of mild dish soap and give it a stir. Insert your white gold into it and let it soak for 15 minutes to loosen up any built up of dirt or any other thing. Insert a timer for taking your jewelry out as forgetting to take it out and leaving it as it as for longer period of time can damage your jewelry to great extent.

  • Clean your white gold with soap and baking soda

Make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Take a soft brush and apply that onto it and gently rub the brush on your white gold. Don’t rub it too hard.

  • Rinse the cleanser off the white gold

After applying the paste and gently cleaning it, wash it off with little warm water to clear the residue and dirt. Make sure you clean it properly as any residue left can dull your white gold and also attract more dirt towards it. Clean with soft hands with towel and dry it properly. After this process you just have to sit back and admire the beauty of your white gold.


Gold Rings For Men

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Gold Rings For MenIn olden days we have seen women wearing golden rings of various styles and fashions but in this modern era men are also showing their interest towards golden rings of different trends and in new chic. Men’s golden rings are not only accessible in heavy weights but also available in light weight from online or offline stores. Some men are attracted towards customs rings made of gemstones. Gold rings for men are accessible in diverse styles, sizes and settings. No other metal can replace gold because in every culture gold has been regarded as the sign of royalty, wealth and divine power. Gold suits to each and every person regardless of the skin color.

• Design- Gold rings for men are handy in any shape like rounded, ribbed or flat. Men who are interested in custom rings will get a hold of custom embellishments on the ring to give it a brandish and Celtic look. Men’s rings are usually heavier as they are constructed with concrete and manly design. Men’s rings are also prepared with one or two gems fixed on it. Most of the men’s fear to wear the custom rings as they damage the surface and design of the ring. But there is no need to worry as they are very strong and prepared especially for them.

• Purity- Though pure gold is a soft metal it is not used for making gold bands. Gold bands are generally available in purities like 14k, 18k or 10k. Men’s rings are presented in diverse purities. The clarity of the gold is measured by these numbers. If the number is high the metal is said to be purer and vice versa. Most of the jewelries are made of 14k or 10 k which are regarded as cheaper whereas wedding bands are made of 18k consisting of gemstones like emerald, ruby or diamonds.

• Variety- Dissimilar varieties of gold rings are available in the stores. Yellow gold is most admired one. Besides this, the other two alloys i.e. rose and white gold is also used for making rings. White gold bands look very exclusive and graceful. While rose gold bands have a pinkish shade and it comes out to be gorgeous when combined with different precious and semi precious stones.

• Care- Gold rings for men require special care and maintenance. If you are wearing the ring daily then it needs to be cleaned with soft brush. If the color of the rings becomes dull then it needs to be refined with special cleaning products available in the market.

Safe keeping of Gold Jewelry

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

Gold JewelryGolden jewelry are the most important possessions in a person’s life not just for their money value but also because they have social and emotional feelings attached to it. It has great worth in marriages, religious ceremonies. Thus the safe keeping of golden jewelry is of utmost importance. The emergence of jewelry insurance is gradually gaining great importance in the recent years though many people are still unaware of how the gold jewelry is evaluated and the various insurance schemes that are available.

Two of the most important ways of safe keeping the jewelry is to keep them in bank lockers and insurance. No matter what the size of the jewelry is, it is very valuable and thus you must be very cautious with their safe keeping and you should know about the security facilities that are offered in the market.

For insurance there are only a few companies that offer them. Most f the policies that are set includes loss due to burglary, accidental loss, theft or damage. Generally the maximum cover that is provided is 25 percent of the amount that is insured in total. Though there are some policies that provide all risk cover facility as well. It is very essential to go through the policy and scheme related documents carefully.

Bank lockers are also a safe way of keeping gold jewelry. You must be very careful as all banks do not provide lockers. You must go conduct a proper research before opening any savings account in the banks which is connected to the locker facilities. Bank lockers have large amount of space to hold anything and it is a personal property. The rates of the lockers depend from banks to banks depending on their reputation. But the main thing to notice here is that the banks do not take responsibility if the jewelry is damaged.

Comparison between Gold and Silver jewelry

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Gold and Silver jewelryIn the jewelry industry two of the most common elements that are used are gold and silver. And the best part is people have stuck to these as the most precious although platinum is the most expensive. Although these two are ruling the jewelry industry there are few differences between them. Following are some of the differences between gold and silver that would give you a good idea:

Whenever you talk about gold and silver the first thing that comes up is the price. Gold is much more expensive than silver. It is almost 10 times more than silver. But still people prefer gold because of its class.

Silver can be molded into any forms but it is always not possible to do the same thing with gold. You will often see people using silver plates and bowls for some occasions but you will never see such a thing with gold. Gold can only be converted to jewelry and other forms are really rare in this case. But with silver you can make jewelry and also other forms.

Color preservation is another thing that keeps gold ahead of silver. If you make a jewelry with gold and you make the same design with silver and keep it for 5 years without using them then you will see a change of color in the silver one. It will gradually darken but with gold nothing will happen. Although it is possible to get rid of that darkness but the fact that silver loses color over a period of time keeps it behind gold every time.

Gold is more malleable than silver. This means that the hardness of gold is less than that of silver. This gives a bit if an advantage to silver because if by any chance there is a calamity then your silver jewelry will be safe but the gold ones will be vulnerable.

All you need to know about investing in gold

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Gold investment, goldIf you have been looking for some investment options for some time now then investing in gold might be a good option for you. Gold has something that modern currencies lack and that something is intrinsic value. Investing in gold is also a great way of safeguarding yourself against the effects of inflation.

However, if you are contemplating investing in gold, you will first have to determine the reasons why you want to invest in gold. For most people investing in gold is the safest option because even if the economy suffers, gold offers them real assets. Secondly, investing is physical gold, for example bars and bullion coins is a very good idea. Gold bullion usually has 100% gold and its value is denominated in the local currency of the country in question. Third, for investing in gold, you can purchase shares of gold related companies in stick market. Buying gold jewelry is also a wonderful way of investing in gold.

How to maintain the shine of your gold

Sunday, April 21st, 2013

shine of gold, gold maintenanceIf you are an ardent lover of gold, then you should maintain your gold jewelry and items properly. You must have heard many people complaining about the shine of their gold items going off. To maintain the shone of your gold, you need to follow certain basic things.

If there is any such gold items which you don’t use regularly and which remain behind the closed doors of your locker, make sure to bring out those gold items and clean them at least once in a month. Don’t use any harmful chemicals for cleaning the gold items. Rather try cleaning the jewelry or the items with a piece of soft dry cloth. You can at best use little solution of some mild soap and clean the jewelry gently to give it a shine.

If the gold is much old and the shine is completely gone, it is better you give the gold to some jewelry shop and get polished. But avoid polishing the gold regularly and at short interval of time since it may lead to the erosion of gold.

Choosing Right Golden Band For Wedding

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Wedding is the most event of one’s life. You will definitely be looking for a memorable wedding. Planning for wedding is a really difficult thing because at the same time you have to take care of your budget, your wish and others expectations. Similarly the shopping for your wedding is also a difficult thing. When it comes to a golden band for your loved one, you have to be very choosy and selective.

There are variety of designs and styles that are available with the golden band. Well, to impress your loved one or to make your wedding gift a memorable one, it may not be a very expensive one. But it has to be a unique one. You can choose from the collection of light weight golden band if your budget is not that high. You can get very intricately and heavily designed golden band. On the other hand you can also go for lightly designed golden band. Visit your nearest jewelry store and choose the one which will suit your loved one the best.

Top 3 gold jewelry trends of 2013

Friday, March 8th, 2013

If you are known for your love of gold jewelry and accessories then are the latest trends that you can sport in 2013. Though gold worn anywhere is sure to make you look surreal and beautiful, with these latest trends you can not only look beautiful but fashionable at the same time:

• Gold rings: gold rings for your fingers are back and how! These gold rings are huge in size, usually look like large, flattened plates and are decorated in a wide array of colors and designs. These rings not only look good with traditional wear but also with regular everyday wear.
• Gold Chains: thin, glittering and long chains in gold and silver are back in fashion. Whether you wear them with your traditional wear or wear it as a back-chain, they are bound to attract attention.
• Gold armlets or bangles: bangles or armlets, designed keeping in mind the latest fashion needs of consumers are back in trend. These golden bangles can be worn with a short dress, with a gown and even with your formals!