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Recent Trends in Silver Bracelets

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Silver BraceletsRecent trends in choosing the silver bracelets imitate celebrities. Hollywood superstars prefer new sterling silver made bracelets with gorgeous designs. The elegance of these jewelry sets is superb.

Attractive Silver Bracelets with New Designs

Sterling silver is durable and rust resistant. The glossy light weight sterling silver is attractive. Of late, youngsters in the USA buy silver made bracelets to wear. One of the reasons of choosing the silver bracelets, bangles and necklaces is the budget friendly deal. Prices of gold and diamond ornaments are high. Silver is less expensive and easy to care. Therefore, young groups gather at the online stores to handpick their products. They blindly emulate their favorite actors to wear jewelry sets. The Bali style silver sterling bracelets are right now popular. Bali is located in Indonesia. This island has many lagoons, sea beaches and avenues of coconut trees. Designers have transformed the natural panorama of Bali to the bracelet designs. Bali sterling silver bracelets display the shadowy sight-seeing of the island. Bali bracelets have light dark color to symbolize the cool ambience of Bali.
There is another new trend among people to use Shamballa silver bracelets. Especially Jay-Z, a heart breaking rapper, wore a pair of Shamballa silver bracelets to perform on the stage. Beaded bracelets have delicate designs. Even Rihana, Justin and Beyonce prefer Shamballa type silver bracelets. The glossiness of silver beads of Shamballa bracelets are unforgettable. Variety in colors and designs of these macramé style silver bracelets change your look. You must have excellent personality to entice others. Online stores give special discounts on silver bracelets. Up to 30 percent discounts are offered. Check the quotes for buying latest silver bracelets. You will get promo codes and free shipment to receive your ornaments. The pure silver ornaments have long durability to last. You can polish and detoxify these fashionable ornaments. Finally, don’t be indifferent while shopping online. You are welcome by many penny auction sites. You will get very classic silver bracelets at negligible prices.

Top 5 ethnic jewelry items

Monday, April 29th, 2013

5 ethnic jewelry itemsJewelry items are the all time favorite for a woman. There are many types of jewelry items available in the market. With the change of time and taste of people, the ethnic jewelry items have become much more modernized and trendy. But still the ethnic jewelry items are now much in demand and many women prefer them over the fashionable trendy jewelers.

Mangalsutra, an ethnic jewelry item is in use from the very old days. It is a must during marriages. Nose rings are still now much in demand in the jewelry market. Various designs, shapes and sizes are available with the nose ring. While some women prefer going for a single button like nose ring, others go for big and stone studded nose ring.

Long ear rings were much in use in the earlier days. The present generation women started moving towards short and light weight ear ring. But in spite of it, when it comes to some prestigious occasion or event, women wear long and heavy weight ear rings which give them a royal look.

The ethnic bangles are much wide and heavy weight and some of them are even stone studded. Women today look for them in the jewelry stores in spite of the fact that there are many trendy looking available also. Though people think that the tiaras are a fashionable modern jewelry items, but they are in practice from the long days and form a very essential part of the ethnic jewelry items.

Jewelry for your eyebrow piercing

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

eyebrow piercing, fashion jewelryEye is one of the significant places in the human body. Utmost care should be taken towards the proper maintenance and healthy being of the eye. You give the eye an excellent appeal; eye brow piercing has become much famous these days. There are various types of eyebrow piercings and depending on the position of the piercing, you can use jewelry in your piercing to make it even more appealing.

A very popular variant of the eye brow piercing is the horizontal eye brow piercing in which the brow is pierced horizontally following the eyebrow line. This particular piercing enhances the shape of your eye. To make it look even more attractive you can use a variety of jewelries like curved barbells, bioplast barbells, banana bells, ring shaped bells, etc.

Spiral eyebrow piercing is also preferred by many people. In this particular style a series of piercings made in the eyebrow side by side and then spiral jewelry is passed through them to give them an even more appealing look.

Crystal Hair accessories are perfect for her lovely tresses

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Crystal Hair accessories, fashion accessoriesHair accessories are very much in trend nowadays and a perfect way to enhance the lovely tresses of any girl. No matter whether you are looking for accessories for your little daughter or for your lady love, the hair accessories come for every age. Crystal hair accessories are the most popular ones among all accessories. They come in a plethora of designs, styles and sizes to suit the tresses of every length and hair cut.

Small cute tic tacks with crystals embedded on them look very cool on one side of the pony tail to tie up the loose tresses. If a small puff is made at the crown, crystal beds or small round clips can be used on the puff to make it more attractive. For French plaits, crystal accessories can make the tresses look really charming. Hair bands with crystal designs can be perfect to hold back short straight tresses in place. You can check over the internet for some fabulous crystal accessory designs.

The beauty of Handmade Jewelry

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Handmade jewelry is not at all an easy task as the art generally comes down from generation to generation from one expert to another. The materials required are chosen from a huge variety of things to use starting from multicolored beads to cloth, it is all in how you picture it.

The jewelry design has to be well planned and even then hardly does it ever come to look the way you want it without practice. Jewelry with precious stones is even more difficult and crafting jewelry with actual rare metals like gold and silver are almost impossible when doing them handmade. Handmade jewelry has a huge advantage when it comes to gifting people as they quickly show the amount of work gone into it and directly reflect the importance. It can also be customized in your own way and give that very own special feel for that special one.

Silver and semi precious stones, a match made in heaven

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Silver, stonesSilver is one of the most popular materials when it comes to jewelry. One of the major reasons behind the popularity of silver is that despite being so beautiful they are not as expensive as most of the other materials. Silver can be teamed with a lot of semi precious stones to create some mesmerizing ornaments. There are a lot of semi precious stones to choose from. One of the most popular choices is Malachite.

This is known as the traveler’s stone. It has color striations of black, and light and deep green. Another semi precious stone that you can go for is Onyx. This gem is found mostly in black. However, some variants are available in green, white and brown as well. Serpentine is also a goof option when it comes to matching with silver. It is a delicate gem which could be tallow, olive green, and pastel green, brown or golden.

Glam up your evening wear with a choker

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Fashion jewelry, jewelryA choker is actually a necklace that is close fitting. The popular jewelry can have single or multiple bands circling the neck. There are a lot of options when it comes to the materials that are used for the choker. They can be made of plastic, velvet, metal. Bead and also leather. They are designed in various ways. They can be made with a cameo, a pendant sequins or studs. Different fabrics are used for making the chokers.

The fabrics are made into rectangles and stitched together and then they are sewed on a piece of Velcro. The Chinese were the ones to invent this fashion accessory for the first time and it soon became popular all over the world. They are very elegant and they are perfect for evening parties. If you are looking for a heavy dress up, this accessory could be perfect with a gown or a sari.

An account on semi precious gemstone bracelets

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

gemstone bracelets, jewelrySemi precious gemstones have forever been delightful and loved by all. The best thing about semi precious gemstones is that they are available is a large variety of colors and one can choose one according to their taste and fancy. While semi-precious gemstones are used in all forms of jewelry, bracelets are the most common.

People have different tastes when it comes to semi-precious gemstones, while some love them to be made of the same type, there are many who mix and match many gemstones together in their bracelet to create a colorful effect. Semi precious gemstone bracelets are very popular as not only are they extremely beautiful but easy on the pocket as well. They can be worn with almost anything as they make great accessories in almost any occasion and are great gifts. In fact they are the surest way to make sure that your loved ones cherish what you gift them.

Show a sign of faith with religious jewelry

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Religious jewelry, trendy jewelryReligious symbolism saw its course in history and is still very much in practice in present times. Jewelry bearing religious symbols and significance are practically ornaments worn by many to show an outward sign of an individual’s faith in religion. Starting from rosaries, beads, pendants, stones and rings religious jewelry comprise a large market for ornaments. The most common forms of jewelry worn by people of different religion are pendants and bracelets bearing quotes from the hymns and religious teachings of preachers.

Gemstones are also a type of element borne for religious sentiments and beliefs. Precious metals like gold are widely used in producing this jewelry. People wear it willingly to signify their faith and have a feeling that god is with them no matter where they are. These days religious jewelry are made keeping fashion trends in mind and often, a pendant will be so popular that people start wearing faith with style.

Tibetan fashion jewellry

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Tibetan jewellery, fashion jewelryTibetan jewellery represents the eight auspicious symbol of Buddhism very efficiently. The 8 best symbols of the Buddhism, fetched from Sanskrit ‘Ashtamangala’, are popular in the place of Tibet. Often used for crafting the Tibetan jewelry. Often professed, that the Buddha never like being worshiped as one human and for that he was seen to be reluctant enough to seek his images. For the same reason he was majorly represented with help of 8 Spoke-Wheel along with Bobhi Tree. Other signs that helped to represent him are:
1. Buddha’s Footprints,
2. an Empty Throne,
3. a Begging Bowl and a Lion.

Eight symbols howbeit are:
1. the parasol or the Umbrella
2. Golden Fish
3. Treasure Vase
4. Lotus
5. Conch
6. An Endless Knot
7. A Victory Banner
8. Dharma-Wheel.

The Tibetan jewellery that used a Golden Fish logo is generally put on to get a better fortune. In Buddhism two fishes who are placed upright and their heads are inwards, they symbolize happiness, fertility and abundance. They are thought to arrive first in the Indian culture to symbolize Ganga and Yamuna rivers.
Such is the theory of Tibetan jewellery, the study of which is never ending but interesting to know.