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How to care for your diamond jewelry?

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Diamonds are forever and if you want your diamond jewelry to retain its sparkle and look as stunning as ever, you need to learn some effective ways to take care of the same. Even though diamonds are known to be hard and strong, when set in a jewelry piece they become quite prone to cracking or breakage. Hence, you should always use a soft bristle brush such as a lipstick or eyebrow brush to clean it with mild soap water.

It is best to use warm water to clean your diamond jewelry. Begin by soaking the diamond jewelry in this warm water solution for a few minutes and then scrub it gently. Once you have cleaned the jewelry, rinse it with the help of a strainer and use a clean cloth to dry it. Thereafter, leave the jewelry under the fan for some time so that it dries completely before you either wear it or store it away in your wardrobe.

Diamond Promise Rings

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

For two people who are in love and are sure about their relationship, they exchange promise rings to act as a symbol for their commitment. Since a promise ring is meant to remind you about the long standing promise made, it is supposed to show the true romance and beautiful gesture in your pre-engagement and future life. Just like the strength of diamond so it should be your promise and that’s why diamond promise rings makes the best bet for the two in love.

Most people would like to have promise rings that speak more about their partner and anything which speaks otherwise is has no room. Therefore, as you think about purchasing a diamond promise ring, also think about personalizing the promise ring. You can engrave a love message on the ring or simply engrave a name of your love.

A lot more designs and sizes of diamond promise rings are available and includes Gold Promise Rings- 14k Double Diamond Promise ring, White Gold 14k Double Heart diamond Promise Ring among others. The White Gold promise 14k Solitaire diamond Promise Ring can make a perfect choice too and can be a worthy buy for your love.