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How To Clean Your Diamond Earrings

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Clean diamond earringsDiamonds is such a thing which is very precious and expensive. When we buy diamond we all have such a tendency to maintain it as we are investing such a huge amount in it. Ladies love to have diamond jewelry and specifically they love to wear diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are such which usually get dull and look bit of old with regular and frequent use. Diamond earrings usually get dirty with frequent wear. Diamond earrings usually pick up oil from the skin and also from the hair and this can cause your earring to lose its look and lust. But it is not that you permanently lose your diamond earrings look. It is not that difficult to clean your diamond earrings. By cleaning your diamond earring you will be easily able to find the charm of your earrings back. By cleaning your diamond earrings, you will feel like they are new again. If your earrings are lightly dull then you can clean your diamond earrings yourself but if has collected too much of grime then it is advisable to leave this job of cleaning your diamond earrings in the hands of professional. Here are some of the tips which will help you to clean your diamond earrings.

  • Buy a jewelry cleaning kit

This type of kits has such solutions which are specifically designed for cleaning your diamond earrings. By purchasing such kit you will be assured that cleaning your diamond earrings will not harm your diamond earrings and you can clean it without any kind of fear. You can find such a jewelry store, departmental store, drug store, multipurpose store or state affair store. Before cleaning your diamond earrings make sure to read the instructions on the back of the bottle so that you can ensure that it is safe and you can clean your clean your diamond earring without any kind of fear in a proper and appropriate manner. Put the small amount of this solution in a bowl. Put your earrings in the bowl to soak for overnight. After that, rinse your diamond earrings with warm water. Dry it and polish it up with a lint free cloth and this will help you to clean your diamond earrings by yourself. If you find any difference in the instruction on their back and front of the cleaning solution than follow the back instructions as they are more reliable while cleaning your diamond earrings.

  • Use the right brush and cloth

While cleaning your diamond earrings make sure the brush you use has soft bristles. Don’t ignore this thing as it is really important. Try not to use a wired brush or brush with hard bristles as it can damage your jewelry and you will have to regret cleaning your diamond earrings by yourself. For safer side use a child’s toothbrush for cleaning your diamond earrings as they have really soft bristles. If you don’t even want to take that risk you can buy brushes which are specifically designed for cleaning jewelry from stores or online. Make sure to not to fall for the tip of cleaning your diamond earrings with brush in the absence of cleaning solution as it is not a helpful tip. After cleaning your diamond earrings make sure to let it dry properly. You can make use of microfiber hand towel for drying up your diamond earrings. If you have really fragile setting of diamond using any type of brush for cleaning your diamond earrings would be bad option.

  • Choose a flat surface

You might not want to take a risk of cleaning your diamond earrings near by the sink as there is a possibility of losing your earring in the drain and regret the decision at that spot. You might think that it will not at all happen but you can ask any of the Plummer in your contact it does happen often and thus don’t even think of taking the chance. You can choose a table for cleaning your diamond earrings which is not at all near by the sink. Make sure size of the table is such where you can get enough space for keeping a bowl and a towel.

  • Use dish soap

If you don’t want to make expenditure ion buying jewelry cleaning kit then you have many options for cleaning your diamond earrings which are available just in your home. You can use routine dish wash soap or liquid to clean your jewelry and this will take the oils and dirt off your earrings. Mix a one cup of water with one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. After that start stirring up the water with finger still you finds bubbles in the bowl. See that your dishwasher liquid do not contain any kind of dye or perfume in it or else it would result in damaging your diamond earrings. Let your earrings soak in the solution for five minutes so that if there is any stubborn dirt or grease on your earrings it will be gone. After that take a soft brush make it wet with the mixture and start cleaning your earrings with the brush. After that, clean the earrings with plain water. Make sure you don’t clean it in running water under the faucet to lose it in drain.

  • Use ammonia

You might feel like ammonia is such a harsh solution for cleaning any of the delicate jewelry product but it is one of the most used cleaning solutions for diamond earrings. This can prove to be harsh if proper mixture is not created. Mix one part of ammonia with six parts of water. This will lessen the effect of ammonia and also would be perfect mixture for cleaning jewelry. Don’t mix ammonia with warm water as it can harm to the other types of gems mixed up in your diamond earrings. You can put your earrings in this solution for approximately 20 minutes and then clean with clean water.

Different Types Of Diamond

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Types of diamondAfter gold, if you are finding the second best metal on the earth then it is diamond. Diamonds are among the most precious stones of the world. Based on the type and quantity of impurities found on the diamond, these precious stones are classified. Basically there are two types of diamonds or let’s say there are two classifications of diamonds. The first types of diamond is one which contains nitrogen molecules. Among the two types of diamond second one has other impurities except nitrogen. You would be shock to know that out of all types of diamond only 20% of diamonds are such which can be used as gemstones. Other types of diamond are used for industries and industrial purposes. Here is a list of different types of diamond which are in existence.

  • White diamond

Undeniably white diamond is the best types of diamond among all the types of diamond. Every person is fantasizes to have such types of diamond.  These types of diamonds can be found in different parts of the world in different shapes and different sizes. The highly valuable from all is those types of diamond which are found from argyle mines. These are the diamond which you find in most of the wedding and engagement jewelry. White diamonds are very precious and auspicious. It is a type of diamond which is most used especially in the occasions of giving romantic gifts or any celebration or holidays.

  • Pink diamond

Pink diamond is such a type of diamond which is rarest among all types of diamonds and by far most expensive among all. The main mine of pink diamond is in argyle and almost 95% of this pink diamonds come from there. Among 100% of diamonds only 1% of them are pink which explains you why they are such expensive. Pink diamonds are the rarest of rare. Pink is such a color which defines fun, beauty, romance and love and thus pink diamonds are the perfect romantic choice for gift especially to your loved one.

  • Champagne diamond

These types of diamonds are naturally and beautifully colored. They are available in wide range of colors. You would be surprised to know that you can get them from rich cognac to straw colors. It signifies its name totally as champagne diamond comes in pale yellow color. Some of them even appear much darker shade also.

  • Pink champagne diamond

These types of diamonds are very attractive which tend to have secondary pink color. This type of diamond generally bear higher price per carat than that of champagne diamonds. The display of pink champagne is like slight to bold flashes of light. Champagne pink diamonds also come from argyle mine and it comes in three different shades. These shades range from light pink to medium pink to dark pink.

  • Yellow diamond

Yellow diamonds are also called as canary diamonds. These types of diamonds are available in variety of shades and very much wide range. They are available from rich canary colors to light yellow color. Yellow diamonds are not very scare and rare. But it is still expensive as diamonds are never cheap. More yellow the diamond is more costly the price will be. If you want real fancy yellow diamonds then it can be quite expensive and they are also available in limited quantity.

  • Blue diamond

Blue diamonds are from those types of diamond which are extremely rare and quite costly. These are so expensive and rare that most of the jewelers have not even seen them. In past few years there are several methods which have been developed for producing these fancy blue diamonds. This has given a hope to the people that they can also lay their hands on such diamonds. These types of diamonds are now also available in variety of shades starting from sky blue to sapphire.

  • Green diamond

This is also one of the diamonds which is not so common in the market and very much rare. This is such a color which is not easily visible in the market. Generally penetration of this color is not much deep and it is removed when the stone is being furnished. Usually green is such a color which signifies nature, growth and hope. Green colored diamond gets this unique color from the exposure to radioactive materials.

  • Orange diamond

Orange color relates to energy and being vibrant in nature. Look of orange diamond is also same vibrant and energetic. This type of diamond is a symbol of creativity and success. Variety of orange diamond is available in plenty ranging from fancy looks in diamond to vivid look in orange diamond.

  • Purple diamond

Purple is such a color which signifies royalty and so does the purple diamond. The nature of purple diamond is delicate and precious. Purple diamonds also have some touch and feel of mystery and that’s what gives it a romantic effect. Purple diamonds are also a symbol of warmth and along with warmth it also symbolizes coolness.

  • Brown diamond

Brown diamond has very rich color combination and that what make it beautiful. Brown diamonds are one which most sought in the whole world. Brown diamonds have become a great phenomenon that most of the people generally mistake them with the color of their own.

  • Grey diamond

Grey is such a color which is refined and neutral. Grey diamond offers you with very classic and dignified look. It is choice of those people who like elegant classy and simple look. It also gives decent look. As grey is a neutral color, it complements anything means you can wear it with any kind of attire or with any other color. Grey diamonds are available in different combinations also like yellow, green, grey and grey blue.

  • Simulated diamonds

These are such types of diamonds which do not lack diversity or hardness. The most well diamond of this type or the best diamond of this type is cubic zirconia.

Types of Gem Stones

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Well, as we are talking about different types of gem stones then let me tell you that, gemstones are not a part of today’s century or civilization but it is having its roots from since long time in fact we can say that from more of the decades too. Not only women but men are also being fascinated with the things called gem stones. There are many different types of gem stones available in the market which can get you all your needs to be fulfilled. The blush shine, brilliant look of the gem stones increase our views and make us more attractive towards it so that we can get it for ourselves. Well not only that but the possession of the types of gem stones make the person’s living standards high in fact we can say that it can be considered as the status symbol for the standard of living of people.

I know you might also get fascinated when you come across different types of gem stones right? Well, than this article will help you in getting all the knowledge of the different types of gem stones which you can go for in accordance to the interest of the person purchasing it. If you will ask me than there are many different types of gem stones available in the market which you can go for but some of the examples which can help you out in just calculating the summary are diamonds, ruby, precious stones, emerald, etc. and many such of the things which can help you in deciding for types of gem stones for you.

Types of gem stones

  • Well, if you will ask me than there are many choices and options for you which you can go for at the time of dealing with types of gem stones for you. Gem stones is such a thing which we cannot resist of, I mean we every time want that something or the other just gazelle on our figure or at our earrings, neck, etc. and what not. And so gem stones are one thing which we want overtime in our life to be getting it. The further discussion of types of gem stones for your will help you in getting more knowledge and mark my words your interest towards getting those brilliant shiny gems for your is definitely going to increase.
  • diamondsThe first and the most common type of gem stone which we are every time in need of and when we are seeing it we feel like this is the thing which we wanted is the Diamonds are considered to be the on of the oldest form or type of gem stone which you can observe. It is much renounced and considered to be ancient in the history. Well, if you will ask me than diamonds are considered to be called in the list of precious gems which are available in the market. History takes its pace because it can provide you with many of the facts and interesting things to know about the diamonds which are considered to be amongst the type of gem stones. It is also considered to be the hardest form of natural gem stones which is only made up on carbon. Not only that but as the trend changed, the shapes and patterns of diamonds also changes and now you can get the best of your design and pattern which you want.
  • emeraldWe all know about the type of gem stones and from those one is the diamond but now it is the time to go for another type of gem stone which can help you in making excited of going for it. Another type of gem stone which you can go for is the Emerald gem stone. This gem stone is having such a beauty which can increase the glaze of your eyes by knowing and getting its charm of green colored gem stone. It is considered to be one of the most fascinating types of gem stone which can enhance your looks as well as your view towards it. The name of the gem stone is being remarkable because it has been originated from Greek and the word has the meaning of its color i.e. is green colored gem stone. Not only that but there are many type of shades available in it and the most counted for is the dark green which is considered to be the most precious when it comes to the Emerald gem stone.
  • rubyRuby is considered to be another type of gem stone which you can go for. There are many specifications of ruby which can help you with all its beauty and increase your sight when you are going for it. Ruby is considered of having red variety of colors and all its shades. And in fact an interesting fact to know about ruby that it is considered to be on of the hardest mineral on the earth which is being stocked for. Also in ruby there are many different varieties available and amongst those the most expensive and in fact you can say it as precious one is the blood red one which is known by the name of pigeon’s blood red ruby which is having its own thing which can cost you to the expensive.
  • sapphireAnother type of gem which you can go for is the Sapphire gem stone. You can find all of the colors in it except for red because it does not comprise of that ingredient which ruby comprises of. It represents all of different colors which can be considered to be its advantage of using it as your type of gem stone which you want to go for. In all such type of colors, the main color which you will find sapphire in is the blue color. Well, if you will ask me than it is considered t be the most precious type of gem and it is due to its color which you can get in is the blue color and not only that but its hardness and the beauty will increase your charm once you wear it than.

4 factors to consider while buying diamonds

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

buying diamondsBuying a diamond is quite a perplex procedure. Diamond is undoubtedly a huge investment for anybody- both financially & emotionally – and hence one must be very careful while purchasing diamond. Most importantly, you have to be careful about 4 factors or 4 Cs here- cut, clarity, color and carat. The foursome constitutes the most significant aspect of the stone.


The Cut part determines how good the diamond absorbs & mirror light. Better your cut is, more would be the stone’s sparkle. Don’t mis-take Cut as the stone shape. According to many, Cut is the prime-most factor among 4Cs. It determines beauty and brilliance of the stone and hence you should make sure to get the best possible cut. Cut itself could make the stone look bigger, enhance face color & mask inclusions (internal flaws). Thus a better diamond cut implies a free lift in all the other 3 aspects like color, clarity and carat. Diamonds that are well cut would flaunt intense scintillation & fire which could easily skirt inclusions under the sparkle.


Clarity is one of most vital factors to consider for diamond investment. Clarity of the stone refers to type or amount of internal flaws (inclusions) present inside it. Diamonds with lesser inclusions tested under 10 times magnification belong to higher grades.

Flawless diamonds are those that don’t carry inclusions or external blemishes & they belong to FL category. Diamonds with huge visible flaws are the ones with lowest clarity & are called 13. It’s best to go for diamonds within SI1 & SI2 ranges as these are eye-clean & carry good ROI. Do not ever get diamonds lower to I1 clarity as these are the ones with big inclusions visible to naked eye & might also lead to durability issues.


Color of diamond is generally rated on D-Z scale. D refers to a totally colorless version & Z is a prominent yellow. Diamond stones are available in almost all hues and colors such as brown, green, red, yellow, white and grey. Contrary to the populist belief, it’s basically near to impossible to get a diamond which doesn’t carry any color. You must know that colored diamonds could have a negative impact on light absorption which would mean compromise on the sparkle. Diamond is especially adored for its iconic sparkle and any miss here would render the precious stone almost meaningless. Thus, the colorless white diamonds are the most valuable and are a coveted use for jewelries. Next to white the best shades are red, pink, blue & orange. According to experts, your chosen diamond color should be within the D-F range.


Carat weight implies the specific measurement that determines how heavy your stone is. Do not mis-take carat weight as the physical dimension of the diamond.

In the conclusion it can be said that although you would be careful about the 4Cs mentioned above yet you should take care to buy the precious from a reputed jeweler strictly- to ensure an authentic buy. Your chosen jeweler should be backed by happy customers.

Different cuts of diamond for different needs

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

buy diamonds, diamondsIt is very important that you choose the right cut for your diamond. It is advised that you do simply walk in a store and select any diamond that catches your attention. If you want to choose a diamond that would be appropriate for the occasion and the personality of the person, you have to make sure that you choose the right shape.

Therefore, these are the things that must be considered in order to make sure that the diamond that you have chosen funds success in making the moment a memorable one. You have to be very selective when it comes to the right choice of the diamond as you will be spending a lot of money on the diamond. There are a lot of cuts to consider. There are heart cuts, princess cuts, the sound headed ones and many more. Each have their own specialties and you will have to choose one according to the occasion.

Gifting your someone special diamond jewelry

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Diamond jewelry, diamondsDiamond they say is a woman’s best friend. Diamonds are one of the most loved and most popular pieces of precious stones that every woman wants and admires. Diamonds are the strongest elements in the world and do not loose their shine even if used for over a hundred years. All these reasons make diamond jewelry the best form of gift, especially when it comes to gifting someone special.

There are thousands of diamond jewelry stores all over the world though today you hardly have to search around for that perfect piece of diamond jewelry. All you need to do is sit at the comfort of your home and shop among the best pieces online. By going online, you can view exclusive designer pieces at the click of the mouse and choose the ones that suit your fancy and your budget. There are pieces available to suit every pocket so you are definitely going to be spoilt for choice.

gifting your someone special diamond jewelry

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Diamond jewelry, diamondsIf you were planning to gift someone with something special then diamonds would be a prudent choice. Diamond rings are special and quiet precious as a gift which can be gifted to your special someone to evoke an instant smile on his or her face. The rings are found in varied styles, starting from solitary rings to three stone studded ones. Presenting a diamond to your loved one creates a magical aura. Diamonds are not easily destroyed hence came the tradition of exchanging rings at wedding thing just like diamonds the bond of the couple will also not break easily.

Nothing can be better to petrify the relation. It is believed universally to be an impeccable symbol of peace and love. The beauty and strength of diamonds are hard to complement by any other stone. The four C’s must be followed before buying diamonds which are cut, colour, clarity and carat. Ensure that the shop or store you buy the diamond from is reputed and has been doing business in the market for a considerable amount of time.

Buying diamonds: Importance of carat

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Buy diamonds, diamondsBuying diamonds is not always an easy job. There are numerous options to choose from. You can be overwhelmed by the choices. First, you have to decide the kind of shape you are looking for. If you cannot make up your mind about the shape, you can go for the princess cut. Then, you have to decide the weight of the diamond. If you go for a diamond of one carat, the most beautiful stone of half carat would not be able to satisfy you.

Diamonds are received by people generally at the time of their wedding. There are a lot of fancy shapes of diamonds that are available in the market. The ratio of the width and the length of the diamonds should also be considered while choosing a diamond. The most popular weight of carats of diamonds is one carat, 3 fourth carat and half carat. When the diamond is being bought for an engagement, the popular weight is around two to one carat.

Diamond Jewellery – The Best Choice In The Market

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

With the wide choice in diamond jewellery that hits the markets every season thanks to the retailers and designer brands, it is a mammoth task to choose particular diamond jewellery over another. So before one goes shopping this year, it is advisable at one research about what is in and what is not in the world of diamond jewellery.

Simple stud earrings compiled with a striking diamond necklace are in vogue. Simple bracelets were also worn by celebrities, maybe as an accessory to the long sleeved gown that made a comeback this year. Small earrings and chokers were also much worn and loved. Add on jewellery like rings, broaches and clips were back in fashion. It is predicted that this year will see traditional jewellery designs, large huge rings, large hoops and chandeliers for the ears, and simple but unusually designed necklaces. Though, it is expected that the choice of most will still be classic jewellery while some bold accessories maybe seen.

2011 trends in diamond jewelry

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

It’s a fact, a worldwide fact and a culturally accepted fact that jewelry and nothing else can make a woman more blissful and complete. Talking about the completeness of her attire, there are a lot accessories that go with a dress – no limits regarding that. But there is no accessory that has the capability to make a drab outfit look like a jaw-dropping beauty than diamond jewelry itself. Listed herein are some of the trend setters of the 2011 time span.

Statement necklace, stacked bangles and cuffs, layered chains, cocktail rings, and last but not the least – chandelier earrings. All the above enlisted delicacies were a hit in 2011 and are still quite new to the market. Diamonds engraved in these designs look dazzling which again helps women enhance their feminine side in becoming eye candies that are hard to resist. If you can manage to overlook the cost effect then you might turn out to be the best spouse.