Can selling of gold give good profit?

Buying and selling gold has always been a very profitable business since the old ages. People use to trade in gold instead of paper currency. The difference between paper currency and gold is that the prices of paper currency most of the times fall down, whereas the gold prices are considered to be rising all the time. Therefore, if you are looking to sell some gold, you can make pretty handy profit. However, selling of gold is not a very straight forward practice.

For example, if you have broken gold jewelry then selling it to a nearby jewelry store will not earn you much. They might take it as a scrap but not give any considerable amount for it. But if you have a crafty piece of some beautiful gold jewelry that you think the design is out dated or you are not keen to wear it. You can always sell it to your nearby jewelry store. They will be more than interested to make a good deal with you.

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