Can palladium jewelry be considered better as compared to platinum or gold?

Palladium is a pure white shiny metal that attracts the attention in no time at all. Basically, it is a part of platinum family and possesses some common features. However, if you are considering palladium jewelry over platinum or gold then there are certain benefits. For example, Palladium can be referred as a cheaper version of platinum jewelry; it is a very strong metal as compared to gold and unlike gold it does not require regular polish work.

Nevertheless, it also has some cons if you compare it with platinum or gold. It is not very popular in consumer market yet, therefore it is highly unlikely to find various designs and styles of readymade palladium jewelry in the market. It also becomes very difficult to mould it according to your desire because of the hardness it possesses.

However, if you are looking for a replacement over platinum or gold in a cheap price then Palladium is certainly the way to go. You will compromise on quality only a bit but save a lot of dollars.

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