Buying diamonds: Importance of carat

Buy diamonds, diamondsBuying diamonds is not always an easy job. There are numerous options to choose from. You can be overwhelmed by the choices. First, you have to decide the kind of shape you are looking for. If you cannot make up your mind about the shape, you can go for the princess cut. Then, you have to decide the weight of the diamond. If you go for a diamond of one carat, the most beautiful stone of half carat would not be able to satisfy you.

Diamonds are received by people generally at the time of their wedding. There are a lot of fancy shapes of diamonds that are available in the market. The ratio of the width and the length of the diamonds should also be considered while choosing a diamond. The most popular weight of carats of diamonds is one carat, 3 fourth carat and half carat. When the diamond is being bought for an engagement, the popular weight is around two to one carat.

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