Best way to clean jewelry to keep them shining

To clean gold jewelry, soak it in a mild detergent and warm water solution for 1-3 minutes. Ensure the water you use is devoid of ammonia and chlorine as they may discolor the metal. Then brush it with soft toothbrush and rinse in warm water. Dry it thoroughly with soft cloth. You can follow the same method for cleaning diamond jewelry too.

In order to clean silver jewelry, use nonabrasive silver polish using a polishing cloth, rub it softly. Wipe excess polish with lint free cloth. The best way to keep silver jewelry from getting tarnished is using it regularly.

While cleaning jewelry, make sure not to use harsh chemicals. Don’t use boiling water for cleaning. Keep away your jewelry from the contacts of chlorine and ammonia.

Exposure to perfume, cosmetics can stain gemstones. Sweat also causes damage to jewelry. So, make sure to wash jewelry with cold water to remove sweat and dry it with soft cloth.

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